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Miley Cyrus’ Shocking Reaction To Justin Bieber Pregnancy Rumor — Watch

Fri, April 17, 2015 5:21pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 3 Comments

Miley Cyrus’ reaction definitely shocked a lot of us — she’s been making fun of it ever since it came out on the cover of ‘Life & Style.’ So how does her boyfriend Patrick feel? And what about her frenemy, Selena Gomez? HollywoodLife’s staff breaks down this crazy report!

In case you missed it, a report surfaced earlier this week that Justin Bieber had not only gotten his ex, Selena Gomez pregnant, but he also had impregnated Miley Cyrus! Now, the team is revealing how funny Miley is acting — and how this all goes back to her feud with Selena!

Justin Bieber & Miley Cyrus Pregnancy — Her Reaction Is Hilarious

In this week’s HollywoodLife Says, Fashion Director Katrina Mitzeliotis, Editor-in-Cheif Bonnie Fuller and Senior Entertainment Editor Emily Longeretta all break it down. Is Miley really finding this whole thing funny?

We told you that Miley’s actually been laughing at it all — and it’s making her boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger squirm!

“Miley’s been going as far as saying that Patrick should adopt the child and that he should practice changing diapers. She’s having a few good laughs over all of this and she thinks it’s fun to add Patrick to it. Meanwhile, Patrick is treading lightly and not making it look like it’s bothering him…but it definitely is,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY.

It All Goes Back To Selena?

Now the Selena/Miley feud has been going on forever here, ever since Selena started dating Miley’s ex, Nick Jonas, and that seemed like breaking girl code in Miley’s eyes.

According to another report in the mag, Selena had a one night hook up with Miley’s ex Liam Hemsworth to get back at her for hooking up with Justin — and Miley’s really upset. Are you following? Trust me, it’s easier when we explain so watch the video above and let us know — are you team Miley? Team Selena? Or do you think these girls just need to be friends again and forget the guys?

— Emily Longeretta