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Fall Out Boy Destroys Anti-Gay Law In ‘Uma Thurman’ Video — Watch

Fri, April 17, 2015 4:12pm EDT by 2 Comments

Fall Out Boy let one lucky fan work as their assistant in a wild new music video for their song ‘Uma Thurman’ — and took down an anti-gay law in the process. Check it out!

Talk about a dream job! Fall Out Boy‘s video for “Uma Thurman,” their latest hit off American Beauty/American Psycho, gives an ecstatic fan the chance of a lifetime — becoming their assistant catering to their every whim. Sure, star-studded parties and paintball sessions are amazing, but so is utterly destroying one of the most staunchly anti-gay laws in the country.

Fall Out Boy ‘Uma Thurman’ Music Video: They Destroy Anti-Gay Law

You wouldn’t think working for rock stars would be boring, would you? When contest winner Sarah is told that she’s heading to Fall Out Boy’s service, the band doesn’t waste any time asking for her help. Or, um, demanding it!

Sarah never has a dull moment with the guys, walking their pet zebra, playing paintball, taking some indoor skydiving lessons with a hot pink-haired Pete Wentz, 35, and trying out some of their new tunes with lead singer Patrick Stump, 30, at the local karaoke joint.

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But the guys explain that there’s one last task that they have to complete on their to-do list. It’s a pretty important one — and it’s the most fun of all. Sarah and the band load up into their trusty tank “Uma” and ride off to destroy a flimsy little pickup called “Article 1 Section 36.03” — a reference to Alabama’s law banning same-sex marriage.

By the state of the crushed truck (they even back over it again another time, just for emphasis) makes it very clear — if you want to ride with Fall Out Boy, you have to support same-sex marriage. Party on, guys!

Fall Out Boy’s Star-Studded Supporting Cast Of Characters

Uma Thurman, 44, may have been the inspiration for Fall Out Boy’s hot new song, but the actress is really one of the only stars who didn’t make an appearance in their video. It’s jam-packed with the band’s friends and fellow musicians.

Look for cameos from Big Sean, 27, Brendon Urie, 28, Action Bronson, 31, Big Data and MAX, all partying like there’s no tomorrow. Now how do we get a job with Fall Out Boy?

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— Samantha Wilson