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Nina Dobrev’s ‘Vampire Diaries’ Exit Leaves A ‘Great Cliffhanger’

Wed, April 15, 2015 9:49am EDT by 1 Comment

Although the exit of Nina Dobrev’s character Elena will be made clear on the season finale of ‘The Vampire Diaries,’ apparently a ton of other storylines will not be wrapped up so nicely. In fact, one of the series’ stars is teasing some major cliffhangers!

Fans are still reeling over the news that Nina Dobrev will be exiting The Vampire Diaries for good when the sixth season wraps. However, the show must go on– literally– and Nina’s costar Michael Malarkey, who plays the villainous Enzo on the smash hit series, revealed that, though Elena’s exit is made clear, not all storylines are tied up neatly! Michael also dished on some of Nina’s final moments working on the series which, we will warn you, will definitely leave you misty eyed!

‘Vampire Diaries’: Finale Cliffhangers

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

But when fans say goodbye to Elena for good, it sounds like we’ll have a whole other mess of problems to occupy ourselves with! “To be honest I really had no idea,” Michael told Us Weekly as to the way Elena’s storyline ends. “Midway through the season I was like, ‘Oh God, how is this going to happen? Maybe she’ll change her mind!’ It leaves a really great cliffhanger for the end of season 6 and moving into season 7.”

‘She Definitely Got Chocked Up’

While Michael definitely seems excited for what’s to come on the series, he, like us, is heartbroken to be losing Elena/Nina from the long running hit. “”It’s always going to be bittersweet when you lose someone in the ranks, but at the same time I think it’s the right decision for her to make,” he said of the actress’ decision to move on from the show.

Someone else who struggled with Nina’s choice? Nina! “Especially at the table read through the last episode she definitely got choked up a couple of times,” Michael said. “It was a real good community kind of moment at the table reading because everyone was there and there was a real buzz in the air.”

Well, we’re still not over Elena’s departure, but it’s good to know her time on the show will go out on a high note!

What do you think of season 6 ending with a cliffhanger?

— Casey Mink