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‘The Royals’ Sneak Peek: Is The Queen Stealing Eleanor’s Man? — Watch

Wed, April 15, 2015 10:35am EDT by Emily Longeretta Add first Comment

Doesn’t the queen have enough men in her life?! In the new sneak peek for ‘The Royals,’ not only is Princess Eleanor teasing Jasper, but he’s about to completely turn his back on her — and leave her for the QUEEN?

After Eleanore (Alexandra Park) snuck away from Jasper (Tom Austen) on the April 12 episode of The Royals, we knew the drama between the two of them was just getting started. In the new clip, she shows Jasper just what she’s doing while in Monaco on vacation — and it’s not making him very happy.

‘The Royals’: Jasper Leaves Eleanore For The Queen

“Hello Jasper. Thank you for admitting that you never actually had a sex tape of me. Now you do, ” the princess says to Jasper over a video message. In it, she’s in a bra, straddling the prince’s BFF Ashok (Manpreet Bachu)! Of course, he’s interrupted by the queen (Elizabeth Hurley).

She asks him if there’s a reason he has “requested a transfer” — and he says no.

“Good, because you’re being transferred to me. You’re mine now,” the Queen tells him. And when he accepts saying it would be his “pleasure,” her answer is spot on. “No, I think the pleasure will be mine.”

Jasper, Jasper, Jasper

Wait a minute, doesn’t the Queen have enough men in her life? Does she really need to take her daughter’s? However, after her affair was revealed in the last episode, maybe she wants a full team — especially a man that can keep secrets.

However, the question remains whether Jasper will continue his sexual-except-more relationship with the Princess. We know that this week she will meet a man from her past that she’s very into. I don’t know about you,  but I can’t wait to see a jealous Jasper. Right?

— Emily Longeretta