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The Lion King: Toddler Cries In PERFECT Reaction Video To Mufasa Dying — Watch

Tue, April 14, 2015 5:16pm EDT by 2 Comments
'The Lion King' Girl Reacts
Credit: Image Courtesy of Disney/Facebook

Disney strikes again! Another child has fell victim to enduring the painful heartache of watching Mufasa die at the paws of his own brother. We feel for you — it’s not a pleasant experience. Click to watch the girl’s tearful reaction!

A Baltimore father by the name of Keith Harris posted a heartbreaking video on his Facebook of his daughter, Viktoria, reacting to the tragic scene of Mufasa dying in the Lion King. Of course, the little girl had the same feelings to the Disney movie that we all had — pure misery.

The Lion King: Little Girl Cries When Mufasa Dies — Watch

The Lion King is known to truly destroy your soul at a young age — or even adulthood. The famous Disney movie contains one of the most tear-jerking scenes in all animated history. Let’s take a moment to reflect back to circa 1994 when we first saw the cruel scene, Mufasa gets murdered in a wildebeest stampede because of his brother’s jealousy. Sorry, we had to just rip the bandaid off again.

Talk about devastating, we couldn’t look at our siblings the same way for quite some time. Anyway, this father caught the exact moment Viktoria saw the scene for the first time, and now we are enduring the feels all over again.

In the clip we see the sniffles, tears and pure heartache this little girl suffers through when she realizes Mufasa isn’t sleeping — he’s dead. The worst part is hearing that music, that awful soul-crushing music. Good luck getting that music out of your head for the rest of the day!

In the end, Viktoria’s dad asks her if she needs a hug, to which she tearfully shakes her head yes and scoots off the couch to get a hug. Yes, that’s exactly what this little girl needed right away. We hope she doesn’t watch Bambi or Finding Nemo anytime soon. Thanks again, Disney!

The Viral Video Has Been Viewed Over 6 Million Times

By the look of the comments under the viral video, people may have cried all over again with the little girl. It’s great to know that we’re not all emotionally-hardened adults, since it’s been viewed over 6 million times!

We also have to point out one more thing, Viktoria has great style. We love her adorable blue polka dot shorts, her red “I Love NY” t-shirt and matching red sneakers. So cute!

HollywoodLifers — did this video bring back horrible memories for you? Or did you cry all over again? Let us know below!

— Brittany King