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First Sex With A New Guy: Does The 3-Date Rule Still Apply?

Tue, April 14, 2015 9:01am EDT by Add first Comment
How Many Dates Until Sex

So, you’re seeing a new guy and ready to take things to the next level. But before you get down, you need to know: Does that standard three-date rule still apply? Find out!

We’ve all heard this standard dating rule before: The third date is the milestone in deciding whether a couple will be intimate or not. But, in this modern era, does that still hold up? asked real men and women: does the three-date rule still apply? Here’s what they had to say!

How Many Dates Before Sex With A New Boyfriend?

When should you first have sex with a new guy? After talking to real men and women, it’s clear the answer varies based on your comfort level.

The guys talked to say they don’t abide by a dating rule, so why should you? If he’s a quality guy, he won’t expect to have sex on the third date. “Do what feels right,” says William, 27. “I don’t think it’s modern [to have a dating rule]. If you want to have sex on the first date, do it. If you want to wait 10 dates, that’s fine, too. If he is a good guy, he’ll respect you.”

And, surprisingly, women feel the same way: “I’ve hooked up with guys after the first date, and I’ve waited way longer than three dates with other guys — it just depended on our chemistry and the situation,” says Anne, 25.  “I’m not going to jump into bed with a guy I’m not sure about, but if I’ve known him a long time before we start dating, I’m more likely to be physical sooner.”

Bottom Line: Go With Your Gut

Each relationship — new or longterm — is different, so no set rules will apply to every situation.

Instead, do what feels right to you and trust your gut. What’s important is that you find a guy who is on the same page as you that you feel comfortable with — and one who never pressures you for something you’re not ready for, third date or not.

So tell us, HollywoodLifers: Do YOU think the third-date rule still applies? Comment below!

— Susan Johnson