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‘SNL’ Mocks Hillary Clinton’s Big Announcement: ‘Buckle Up, America’ — Watch

Sun, April 12, 2015 11:43am EDT by Avery Thompson 3 Comments

Before Hillary makes her highly-anticipated presidential announcement, ‘SNL’ decided to poke a little fun at Hil. Plus, an epic surprise return! Click to WATCH!

Saturday Night Live is going to have a lot fun once Hillary Clinton, 67, announces she’s running for President in 2016. On the April 11 episode, Kate McKinnon, 31, flawlessly took on the role of the former First Lady and presidential hopeful, taking digs at her inevitable announcement, past scandals and her determination to be the first female president. Buckle up, because this was one of the funniest openings to SNL we’ve seen in awhile.

‘Saturday Night Live’ On Hillary Clinton’s Announcement For President

In the skit, Hillary is attempting to reach a wide audience with her presidential announcement. Her Chief of Staff recommends that Hillary record the announcement on her own phone so it seems personal and intimate. That doesn’t exactly go over well with Hil. 

When she holds up the phone, Hillary doesn’t really get the idea of the whole video shindig. She comes off a little too tough, so she decides to try again. 

“I want to be a voice for women everywhere,” she says. And with that, Bill comes out! SNL even brought back Darrell Hammond for this glorious moment. “Hillary would make a great president, and I would make an even greater First Dude,” Bill says, with Darrell absolutely nailing the voice of the former President.

Bill jokes about Hillary’s video, saying that if phone videos were around in the ’90s, he would be in jail. “Great, Bill,” Hillary says. “I love jokes about that.”

Hillary hilariously stresses in her video that she will be the leader that truly cares about the American people. Bill couldn’t help but interrupt her again. “Surprise, I will be her VP!” he jokes. “And if anything happens to her, god forbid, I will happily be President of the United States again. It’ll be Bill Clinton 2: Bigger and Blacker.”

At the end of the video, Hillary and Bill leave the SNL audience with one final thing: “Buckle up, America, because the Clintons are back!”

Kate McKinnon absolutely slays at playing Hillary. Someone get this girl an Emmy already! Darrell’s return was such a tease. It’s time to come back for good so you can play Bill again, Darrell!

HollywoodLifers, what do you think of the SNL skit? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson