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Little Boy Holds Heartbreaking Funeral For His Beloved Goldfish — Watch

Fri, April 10, 2015 2:57pm EDT by 2 Comments

We’re not crying, we swear. An adorable little boy paid a touching tribute to his friend, a goldfish who just died too soon. His mother captured the gut wrenching sendoff on video. Watch if you’re strong.

The unidentified toddler learns about loss for the first time when his beloved goldfish, named Top, passes away. Initially happy, the video, posted to YouTube on Mar. 18, shows the kiddo ready to spend some time just hanging out with Top outside of his fishbowl. But he soon learns the hard way that going to that big ocean in the sky means they’ll be forever parted. RIP Top!

Young Boy’s Goldfish Dies: He Holds Heartbreaking Funeral For His Fish

One of the most gut wrenching moments in any child’s life, at any age, is when their pet dies. No matter the animal, or how big or small, the impact of pets on kids’ lives are undeniable. So when this little one sees his buddy Top take his final flush, he’s learning for the first time that he’ll never see him ever again.

Oh god, our hearts.

As he enters into the bathroom holding the fishy, his mom instructs him to give little Top a kiss — she’ll know that he’ll want to remember him fondly. It’s a sweet moment when he’s taken aback and has to lick his lips a few times; he probably wasn’t expecting that gross taste!

But his love for ol’ Top perseveres, and he merrily makes his way to the toilet before our days are all ruined for good. Once flushing his friend, he takes a couple seconds to pause before the horror sets in and the tears start to flow. TOOOOOP is gone.

Luckily, mama is there for comfort and to help him through his important lesson about life and death. It’s going to be okay, little guy. There are plenty of fish in the sea.

Mother & Baby Elephant Reunited After 3 Years Apart

If you’re in need of a palate cleanse after being completely and utterly devastated, take comfort in the fact that there’s a heartwarming animal story happening at least somewhere in the world. A baby elephant in Thailand named Me-Bai was reunited with her mother recently after being sold to a tourism company in 2011.

The little (well, relatively) elephant was forced to work day in and day out giving elephant rides, until she was finally rescued by the Elephant Nature Park, which brought her back to her mother, Mae Yui, after going through an “Elephant rehabilitation program.”

A touching viral video showed the two elephants lovingly caressing and flapping their ears in excitement when seeing each other for the first time after harrowing years apart. Elephant Nature Park stated that they are working on returning them to the wild. Hug your pets close tonight.

HollywoodLifers, what did YOU think about this little guy’s goldfish tribute?

— Samantha Wilson