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‘Daredevil’ Arrives At Netflix: Watch First Look Of The Red Suit

Fri, April 10, 2015 11:02am EDT by Add first Comment

It’s finally here! The entire first season of ‘Daredevil’ is now available in full for our viewing pleasure– and we now also have our first look at that iconic red suit! So, is the superhero series worth your while?

Who’s ready for Daredevil? The Netflix original series, based upon the comic book of the same name about Matt (Charlie Cox), a man who was blinded as a young boy and now uses his heightened senses to fight crime, hit Netflix on Apr. 10. Per the streaming site’s tradition, all the episode dropped at once, giving viewers the opportunity to binge the whole thing. Watch this just released teaser (which reveals that infamous red suit!), then if you’re still unsure as to whether you should give the series your time, check out the reviews!

‘Daredevil: Red Suit Revealed — Check Out The Reviews

Daredevil is yours for the bingeing, if you so choose. So, should ya? Check out the reviews and decide for yourself!

A.V. Club:

But like too many genre shows with a prestige patina, Daredevil lacks dynamism. It initially seems like a bold choice to allow scenes to play out much longer and quieter than they would on regular TV, but that stylistic tic eventually becomes enervating. When nearly every non-fight scene is long and quiet, the result is a self-indulgent ponderousness.


Daredevil isn’t a perfect show, nor is it quite a great one, at least not yet…. But it’s startlingly good, and moreover, it has what the best TV shows and the best comics have, and what Marvel’s elaborately plotted movie slate strangely lacks: room to breathe, and to grow.

Entertainment Weekly:

Like GothamDaredevil has a few too many ripe lines about what it means to be a hero, a few too many “THIS IS MY CITY” soliloquies. It’s trying to be a lot of things—a lawyer show, a superhero saga, a crime epic, a city symphony—and it doesn’t succeed at everything. But there’s an energy to the first five episodes, a feeling that this show can try everything.

TV Guide:

The gritty, noir tone of Daredevil will be welcomed by comics fans, who are still likely trying to wash the taste of the 2003 Ben Affleck film from their mouths. The series stays incredibly faithful to Daredevil’s pulp roots and does something delightfully unexpected – trust its fans enough to spare us a long, drawn-out origin story about how blind attorney Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) decided to put on a mask and become the vigilante defender of Hell’s Kitchen.

So the critics have weighed in, now it’s your turn! Do you plan to watch Daredevil? And, if you’ve seen it already, what do you think?

— Casey Mink