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Justin Bieber Fights Back Against Lip Syncing Critics — Watch

Thu, April 9, 2015 8:08pm EDT by 3 Comments

When fans accused Justin Bieber of lip-syncing during Ariana Grande’s concert on April 8, he responded to his critics with a bit of heavy truth! Watch as Justin explains why he was ‘singing to the playback’ in a new video.

Scandal! Justin Bieber, 21, was facing allegations of lip syncing, as fans pointed out that he wasn’t actually singing during an April 8 performance. Justin decided to face these accusations head on by posting a shocking new video that pulled back the curtain and revealed some behind-the-scenes secrets!

Justin Bieber Lip Syncing At Ariana Grande Concert? He Was ‘Singing To Playback’

Justin posted a pair of videos on his Instagram account on April 9, showing himself performing “Where Are Ü Now,” his collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo. In the videos, the Biebs is joined by a couple of dancers, and together, they bust out a few slick moves. However, some fans seemed irked that Justin wasn’t “singing” the song while he was dancing. Some even accused him of lip-syncing!

Justin’s response was to post another Instagram video. In that one, Justin explained that he was “singing to the playback,” and that means “the actual song is playing ‘while is(sic) sing’ so I can dance.”

I'm singing to playback which means the actual song is playing "while is sing" so I can dance.

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It’s hard to sing, dance and breathe at the same time, so artists with complex dance numbers during live performances use a playback. This is not new, as artists like Madonna and Cher have reportedly used a playback during their live concerts. Even the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson, reportedly had his vocals play while he danced.

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Even musicians who don’t dance use playback. When Adam Levine of Maroon 5 was attacked onstage by a crazed fan, his vocals kept going even after he put the mic down.

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Justin’s lip syncing may be the least of his troubles. While he was on stage with Ariana Grande, Justin got a bit touchy-feely, putting his hands on her body and making her visibly uncomfortable. Ariana’s boyfriend, Big Sean, was reportedly upset at seeing Justin grope his girl. However, his rep has told TMZ that the tweet, in which he allegedly said, “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that,” was fake.

What do you think about Justin singing to the playback, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow