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Louis Tomlinson Wants A Confrontation With Naughty Boy Over Disses

Fri, April 3, 2015 6:11pm EDT by Chris Rogers 3 Comments

Uh oh. Louis Tomlinson is super upset with Naughty Boy, the British music producer who’s currently working with Zayn Malik, for constantly dissing One Direction on Twitter. has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Louis wants to confront him!

Louis Tomlinson, 23, is already rolling up his sleeves — the One Direction singer is pissed off at British music producer Naughty Boy, 30, for constantly dissing the band on Twitter. Louis has actually had enough of Naughty Boy’s shenanigans and he totally wants to meet face-to-face.

Naughty Boy & Louis Tomlinson Feud — One Direction Singer Wants To Fight Him

“Louis has reached out to Naughty Boy directly, in an attempt to confront him. Unfortunately, Naughty Boy won’t answer his phone or return calls and emails. Instead, he’s choosing to do his talking on social media. Louis wouldn’t dare tell Naughty Boy off in an email or voicemail because he knows Naughty Boy would release it or mix it into a track, dissing him. Louis would seriously consider taking a swing at Naughty Boy if he saw him — he’s so mad,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Naughty Boy Disses One Direction

Whoa! Louis does not sound happy at all. But can you blame him? Earlier this week, on March 30, Naughty Boy was caught taunting One Direction on Twitter. In one post, it seemed like Naughty Boy was suggesting that he “saved” Zayn Malik, who recently quit One Direction, from his boy band days. (They’re currently working on new music together.)

Naughty Boy & Zayn Malik’s New Song — ‘I Won’t Mind’ Demo Released On Twitter

Obviously, Louis has more than enough reasons to be upset. But we don’t think violence is the answer. Perhaps they can have a civil conversation face-to-face and work things out.

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— Chris Rogers, Reporting by Tim Plant