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Michelle Obama Mocks President’s ‘Mom’ Moves With Jimmy Fallon

Fri, April 3, 2015 10:23am EDT by Add first Comment

Who doesn’t love a First Lady with a sense of humor? Michelle Obama dropped by ‘The Tonight Show’ recently to show off some of her dance moves– and mock a certain president while doing so!

Shake it, Lady O! First Lady Michelle Obama recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of her “Let’s Move” campaign. To honor the occasion, the busy woman dropped by The Tonight Show on Apr. 2 so she and Jimmy Fallon could get moving themselves! The two demonstrated every major “mom” dance move, including a favorite of one President Barack Obama. Watch the hilarious clip!

Jimmy Fallon & Michelle Obama Mom Dance

This is just too good.

Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon have blessed us once again with a Mom dancing tutorial, giving us “The Evolution of Mom Dancing: Part 2.” Just like its predecessor, the segment this time featured some of the most well known, mom-trademarked dance moves.

Booty-shaking styles included but were not limited to the “Shimmy Twist,” the “Shush and Tush,” and the ever classic “Knock Knock.”

Of course, the first lady couldn’t act out dance moves without poking fun at her husband’s, uh, less than stellar “Dad moves.”

After going through several moves, Jimmy starts doing The “Barack Obama,” rocking side to side and moving his clenched fists back and forth. Michelle, however, didn’t look too pleased! She crossed her arms and gave Jimmy what could only be described as a death stare. No one mocks Michelle’s man!

Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Mom’ Look

The entire segment was made all the more brilliant by Jimmy and Michelle’s coordinated “mom” outfits. Michelle was still pretty chic, wearing a cardigan with jeans, a chiffon blouse and adorable tennis shoes. Jimmy, on the other hand, went a little more low fashion.

Wearing a pink cardigan, khakis, and what could only be described as hospital shoes, Jimmy’s look definitely screamed “mom chaperoning a middle school dance,” which I think is exactly what he was going for!

What do you think of Michelle’s dance moves?

— Casey Mink