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Sia Debuts ‘Big Girls Cry’ Music Video With Maddie Zeigler — Watch

Thu, April 2, 2015 11:08am EDT by Lauren Cox 3 Comments

Maddie Ziegler strikes again! For the third time, the ‘Dance Moms’ star is featured in one of Sia’s incredible music videos. This time, it’s for ‘Big Girls Cry,’ in which she displays some pretty bizarre dance moves.

Sia, 39, loves to push the envelope when it comes to her artistic music videos. In the third video featuring Maddie Ziegler in a blonde bob wig, “Big Girls Cry” shows the young Dance Moms star using just facial expressions and her hands and arms to perform.

Sia’s ‘Big Girls Cry’ Music Video With Maddie Ziegler

Could these two be the dynamic duo of pop music videos? Sia definitely has a fondness for Maddie, and it’s clear her series of music videos are telling a story through the tiny dancers incredible performances.

For “Big Girls Cry,” the camera is panned in close on Maddie — a major difference from her previous videos. With nothing but a black back drop, Maddie starts to make different bizarre facial expressions and uses her hands to further animate her movements.

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As the video continues, Maddie’s moods seem to swing back and forth. One minute she looks excited, but in another she’s terrified, then shortly after she appears angry. Things get even weirder when hands reach out from behind Maddie and grab her by the throat.

The hands, which are likely those of Sia herself, begin to control Maddie’s face as if she is a puppet on display. Although it’s definitely a bit different, it’s really cool to watch!

Maddie performs alone in this video, unlike the last one for “Elastic Heart” which featured her dancing alongside Shia LaBeouf. We can’t wait to see where Sia’s music takes Maddie next!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — What do YOU think about Sia’s latest music video? Are you impressed by Maddie’s dancing and acting? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox