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‘Scandal’ Recap: Jake Goes Rogue & [SPOILER] Returns

Thu, April 2, 2015 10:49pm EDT by Avery Thompson Add first Comment

New and old faces showed up on the April 2 episode of ‘Scandal,’ including Mellie’s sister Harmony! Plus, what in the heck was up with Jake?!

The April 2 episode of Scandal featured the show going back to its fun roots. David (Josh Malina) continued his quest to take down B613, Jake (Scott Foley) was in a serious mood, Mellie’s (Bellamy Young) sister made her grand debut and someone we all love to hate returned!

‘Scandal’ Recap:

David was more than ready to take down B613. All he needed was for Jake to take his immunity deal and testify against Rowan and B613. Jake wasn’t exactly thrilled with David’s plan. If he testified, Jake thought for sure he would die. However, if he didn’t, David couldn’t promise that he would keep Jake safe as he exposed B613.

Jake started to get in a seriously foul mood and told David that he needed protection from him! Yikes. Let’s chill out a bit, Jake. 

David, Quinn and Huck were going after former B613 members who had worked with Jake in the past. David was certain that once Jake was on board, everyone else would be, too. Jake was like the popular kid in B613. David and his band of former assassins should have known that Jake would be listening in to everything. Silly kids. 

‘Scandal’ Recap:

Unlike last week’s episode, Olivia was finally sleeping peacefully — next to her new guy, Russell! I have to admit, he is pretty sexy. And they were kind of cute, too.

Stop it, Avery. You want Olivia with Fitz! Olivia tried to put an end to this little tryst, but Russell knew things weren’t finished between these two. There was one thing Olivia could always put ahead of her boys — work.

A congressman came to Olivia to attempt to halt his father’s execution. He claimed that his father did not kill the man who raped his sister. Olivia headed to the prison, but the father didn’t want her help. He was willing to meet his deadly fate. But Olivia wasn’t going to take no for an answer. The team needed to find something that would implicate someone else for the murder because she had a gut feeling that Nick’s father didn’t commit the crime.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth was vetting everyone in Mellie’s life, including her sister Harmony. She was as southern as they get. Mellie was furious that Elizabeth had gone to her half-sister. It would only bring bad news for her. Harmony made her way to the White House, and she was quite the pistol. Needless to say, I’m obsessed with her. Even though she wasn’t happy about it, Mellie convinced Fitz to have dinner with Harmony.

At the dinner, Mellie finally hit her limit with Harmony. These two sister got into one nasty catfight with Mellie seething that she was “better” than Harmony and had a “semblance of class.” Mellie’s mean girl status reached an all-time high when she called Harmony’s mother a “whore!”

“The dirt I got on you, sis,” Harmony said. “It could come in real handy one day.” Dun dun dun.

‘Scandal’ Recap:

When Charlie went to check in on the B613 kiddos, he found them all dead or nearly there. Jake was there, and he seemed to be culprit. Jake attacked Charlie and bolted. Good god, what is going on?! David, Quinn, Huck and Charlie cleaned up Jake’s supposed mess, and Charlie threw out the idea of killing Jake.

Despite this shocking claim, Huck agreed with Charlie. Jake wasn’t Jake anymore. He was in survival mode and was willing to do whatever it took to stay on top of things. Huck and Quinn tracked him down to Olivia’s apartment and had a little freakout. When they went to her door, they found her with Russell not Jake. He was actually across the hall! He vowed to protect Olivia by any means necessary.

Huck, Quinn, Charlie and David basked in their failures at the Lincoln Memorial. They thought their only other option was to kill Jake. David didn’t want to go that route and thought that telling Olivia was the best idea. Charlie said his goodbyes and left. When he kissed Quinn, I nearly fainted. Yeah, I’m one of the only ones who loves Charlie and Quinn together. Hate me for it.

Over at the White House, Mellie was wallowing in her own self-pity by drinking hooch. Fitz told her to buck up and apologize to Harmony. Mellie quickly turned the tables on Fitz and said that it was his time to be the First Lady and mend fences. She dismissed him so she could have some alone time with her hooch.

When Harmony went to say goodbye to Fitz, he played the First Lady role. He admitted that Mellie was jealous because her dad had left her mother for Harmony’s. That moment left a hole inside Mellie that she hasn’t been able to fill. The pain she inflicted on Harmony was just to hide her own. Harmony felt sympathy for Mellie and hugged her sister tight before she left.

‘Scandal’ Recap:

Olivia had a meeting with Nick and his father at prison. Being her normal, sassy self, Olivia was brutally honest. “I think you don’t want to see your father die for something you did,” Olivia said to Nick. After that, Nick came clean. He knew he needed to pay for what he did.

His father was still willing to die for him. Olivia pleaded with him to let Nick go. She said she could even help him because he committed the crime when he was young. Nick confessed and awaited his punishment.

David realized that he had one more card left to play in order to one-up Jake. He had witnessed Jake kill James and those bystanders so he could testify again B613. Unfortunately, Jake was listening in on this, too. He followed Rosen and his assistant in the parking lot and held them at gunpoint.

But it wasn’t David that Jake was after — it was his assistant! Holly was B613 and had been feeding Rowan information the whole time. She had killed the B613 agents not Jake. Finally! An explanation for why Jake had been acting so weird!

Jake was still on board with taking down B613, but he warned David that it wouldn’t be easy. “We’re the good guys, but you won’t always be able to tell,” he said.

Jake left David with one dire warning: “He’s coming.”

He was right. When Olivia went to her door at the end of the episode, she didn’t just find Russell waiting — Rowan was there, too!

HollywoodLifers, what did you think of tonight’s Scandal? Are you glad Rowan is back? What did you think of Harmony? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson