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Jordana Brewster Tears Up: I Still Can’t Believe Paul Walker’s Gone

Thu, April 2, 2015 5:41pm EDT by 3 Comments

This is so heartbreaking. At the ‘Furious 7’ premiere, star Jordana Brewster revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY how it felt to return to the franchise now that Paul Walker is gone.

Paul Walker is still so missed. At the Furious 7 premiere on Apr. 1, the energy was certainly a mixed bag of emotions. While the cast and crew were clearly thrilled to be celebrating the release of the seventh (!) installment of the mega successful series, it was bitter sweet as star Paul was tragically killed while filming on the project was still in production. Jordana Brewster, who has starred in several of the Fast and Furious films, shared with us EXCLUSIVELY how she’s feeling over a year after Paul’s untimely death.

Jordana Brewster & Paul Walker’s Friendship

“He was so cool,” Jordana told us about working with Paul, who played her onscreen love interest in the films.

The gushing did not stop there though, and as Jordana divulged more personal information about working with Paul, it became more and more heartbreaking. “He is just the best guy and made everyone comfortable and was super present with everyone. He was really unique that way, he was not a vain dude!”

She shared with us one final thought that, if you aren’t crying already, you certainly will be. “The fact that he isn’t here anymore is unbelievable. The film is a reminder that he is not here anymore but a reminder how great his work was and the tribute at the end is so fitting, I don’t know how they pulled it off but they did!”

Does Jordana Steal From Set?

Jordana also shared with us some lighter stories about her time working on the most recent Furious film. In fact, she even told us about her quest to keep things from the set!

“I try to keep things, but since it always continues, it’s hard,” she said. “I always go home and wear my hoops or my cross and they always call me worrying about, “Oh my God are you wearing your jewelry still?” And I always tell them to chill. But I get it, they have to catalog everything in case we ever come back.”

Are you guys excited for Furious 7?

— Casey Mink