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Kim Kardashian & Rob: Fighting Over Her Plans For Televised Intervention

Wed, April 1, 2015 4:01pm EDT by Chloe Melas 5 Comments

Kim and Kris Jenner want to have a televised intervention with Rob and it appears it’ll all go down on the April 5 episode of ‘KUWTK!’ Kris Jenner actually reveals in a new episode clip that she’s hired some professional interventionists to come to Khloe’s house and confront Rob but Khloe says this is the worst thing they could do!

It’s becoming a bit more clear why Rob Kardashian compared his big sister, Kim Kardashian to the sociopathic character in the movie Gone Girl. The youngest of the Kardashian family has reportedly reached a “breaking point” with his family over Kim’s desire to have an intervention for Rob on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, according to Star magazine.

Kim Kardashian & Rob Kardashian: Fighting Over Her Plans For Interview On TV Show

Rob, 28, got wind of Kim’s big plans to televise an intervention and he freaked out, according to the report.

“Rob was not OK with that,” an insider tells the magazine. “He has no intention of being forced into rehab. So he told everyone to mind their own business. Kim came down hard on him and told him in response to quit embarrassing them, to get a life and a job already.”

Now, has obtained a preview of the upcoming April 5 episode of KUWTK and Kris Jenner actually says she’s hired a group of experts to host an intervention at Khloe Kardashian‘s house.

“He came highly recommended. He seems to think that everything I described about Rob is text-book and he could come with all the proper people and help him,” Kris says. “But because Rob lives with you, it would have to be done at your house!”

Khloe was not happy about this at all: “I just feel like you guys always do this stuff and never inform me or give me an opportunity to have an opinion.”

But Kris made sure to defend her decision to have an intervention: “I just acted as fast as I could once the opportunity presented itself.”

“So now you guys want an outsider to come in and ambush Rob, basically ambush me. Neither you, nor Kourtney, nor Kim have attempted to see him for numerous days in a row,” Khloe said. “Do you even know his daily routines? Do you know anything? No, because you guys aren’t there.”

Khloe continued by saying: “I just feel my mom and sisters are missing a major gap of attempts to help Robert before this drastic step is taken. I think you guys are going from A to Z and that’s where I feel like he might get pretty agitated “

HollywoodLifers, do you think they should have an intervention for Rob?

— Chloe Melas