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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Roast: How Zedd Helped Her Survive It

Tue, March 31, 2015 11:32pm EDT by 13 Comments

Justin’s roast took quite a few digs at Selena! Luckily, Zedd was there to support her while they watched it together on Skype. (So cute!) In fact, Selena is so ‘relieved’ that that her hot DJ boyfriend was watching it with her, learned EXCLUSIVELY. Here’s why!

Selena Gomez, 22, and Zedd, 25, made it a point to watch Justin Bieber‘s Roast on Comedy Central together! Though Selena was incredibly nervous to see what would be said about her, they tuned in together to make it “fun.” Here’s how Zedd helped her survive some of the very, very cruel disses of the night!

Zedd & Selena Gomez React To Justin Bieber’s Roast: How He Helped Comfort Her

“Selena’s relieved and glad Zedd was there to make light of the jokes,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

The best medicine is laughter, and Zedd definitely seemed to make her see the funny side of the roast! Even though they couldn’t literally be together to watch it, as Selena is filming a movie in Atlanta, they had a sexy Skype date to watch the action go down.

As told you, there were some pretty harsh jokes about Selena in the roast. She was teased about growing a mustache before Justin and for hooking up with Orlando Bloom! Clearly, Zedd was able to make Sel shake it all off.

“Selena said Zedd thinks it’s better if she just watches it and has fun with it, rather than dread it and possibly get the urge to secretly watch it alone. He promised to make it a really fun and funny night, instead of something to worry and fret about,” our insider continues.

It sounds like Zedd knows Selena very well, too. We can imagine Selena was definitely curious to see the roast, but how awful would it be to hear those mean jokes when you’re by yourself?! It’s no wonder their romance is hotter than ever — they really understand and support one another!

Selena Gomez On Justin Bieber Roast: Felt It Was Embarrassing And Disgusting

Selena may have been able to laugh at the jokes with Zedd, but that didn’t stop her from thinking that Justin’s roast was just plain embarrassing!

“Selena thought most of the jokes were disgusting and just gross. She managed to watch the whole show, but wasn’t impressed,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.“She thought it was embarrassing for Justin and she’s just glad that it’s over.”

Now that it’s (finally!) over, Selena can instead focus her energy on positive things, like her new movie and Zedd!

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Selena should find the roast funny, or is it just too offensive to her? Let us know!

— Julianne Ishler, Reporting by Sandra Clark