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Harry Styles: Zayn Malik’s ‘Biggest Supporter’ Feels ‘Betrayed’ & ‘Disrespected’

Tue, March 31, 2015 7:52am EDT by Lauren Cox 70 Comments

This is so sad. A source tells EXCLUSIVELY that Harry Styles is not just devastated that Zayn Malik left the group to go solo, he also feels like he was betrayed by his own ‘brother.’

Harry Styles, 21, has so many reasons to be upset with Zayn Malik, 22, after he decided to bail on being a part of One Direction. Not only does Harry feel betrayed by his friend of five years, but he feels that Zayn has completely and totally disrespected the group, their mentors, and, more importantly, their friendships.

Harry Styles ‘Betrayed’ By Zayn Malik After Leaving One Direction

“They all feel betrayed by Zayn, but especially Harry. Harry was always his biggest supporter and close friend,” a source close to 1D tells EXCLUSIVELY. Poor Harry!

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Even worse, our insider shared that “they feel like Zayn is acting like he’s above them, like he’s too good for the band.” Ouch. That’s really terrible, especially since there would be no Zayn without 1D.

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These harsh new details about the broken relationship between Zayn and 1D come just hours after his friend, Naughty Boy, started a Twitter feud with Louis Tomlinson — and then used the hype to drop Zayn’s first solo song.

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While Harry and the boys are still reeling from all of this drama, it’s hard to imagine what their fans are going through. After all, Naughty Boy released Zayn’s first solo song less than a week after he claimed he wanted to live a “normal” life outside of the “spotlight.”

Harry Feels Zayn ‘Disrespected’ Simon Cowell

Unfortunately, Harry’s woes do not end with him feeling betrayed by his longtime friend. He’s also upset that Zayn may have crossed the line with the people who helped make them, such as their mentor, Simon Cowell.

“Harry has always been very appreciative of everything Simon and the producers have done, and feels like Zayn has disrespected them,” a source told EXCLUSIVELY. While it’s sweet that Harry is worried about how Simon feels, he doesn’t seem to be too concerned about the group’s future without Zayn just yet.

Thankfully, there is some good news out of all of this chaos. Harry and the rest of 1D are really looking forward to making new music together, even without their 5th member, Zayn.

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“The positive is that the guys have never been more motivated and really feel juiced up to do the best they can,” our source explained. We can’t wait to hear their next release!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Do you think Zayn disrespected the group? Does Harry have a right to be upset with Zayn for leaving? Comment below with your thoughts.

— Lauren Cox, with reporting by Sandra Clark