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‘Finding Carter’: Will Carter & Taylor Be In A Love Triangle With Max?

Tue, March 31, 2015 4:42pm EDT by Add first Comment

Uh oh! Could there be some sister on sister drama when ‘Finding Carter’ returns for its second season on Mar. 31? We’ve got some EXCLUSIVE scoop straight from series star Kathryn Prescott.

When Finding Carter‘s first season wrapped up, we saw Taylor (Anna Jacoby-Heron) and Max (Alex Saxon) beginning to kindle the, uh, flame. Obviously, because of Max’s romantic past (and friendship present) with Carter (Kathryn Prescott)– and the fact that she and Taylor are twins!– we were left wondering what sort of issues this might cause amongst all of the involved parties. Well, lucky for us, we went straight to the source and Kathryn revealed to us EXCLUSIVELY what we can expect from the potential love triangle!

‘Finding Carter’ Premiere:

Is a love triangle in store for Taylor, Max and Carter on Finding Carter?

Well, not exactly. According to series star Kathryn, her sister’s relationship with Max is just not that high up on her list of priorities. “I feel like it would be incredibly weird if there is,” Kathryn told us EXCLUSIVELY about whether there’d be a conflict.

Kathryn added that it would be “kind of out of character for Carter because there is a lot more stuff going on in her head than we think there is. In the first episode [of season 1], she ended things with Gabe immediately as soon as she caught onto the fact that Taylor liked him. So, for her to do anything with Max who Taylor, it’s not just like Taylor has a crush on her friend, it’s like they’re in a relationship and they’re in love. Even when they’re not in a relationship, they’re still in love.”

Crash’s Big Return

Along with telling us all about the potential triangle drama, Kathryn also revealed how Crash’s (Caleb Ruminer) return will affect both Taylor and Max.

“Max ends up being pretty passive about the whole thing, and that throws Taylor for a loop,” Kathryn said. “She’s so like, ‘he shot you! There’s nothing more to it, there’s nothing else to talk about, you should be mad and he should be out of your life.’ But, Max is not the same as Taylor and has different opinions on how to go about it that she can’t understand.”

What do you guys think about Max and Taylor being together? Or do you wish Max would get back together with Carter?

— Casey Mink, reporting by Lauren Cox