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’19 Kids And Counting’ Recap: Jessa & Ben’s Wedding Day Is Finally Here

Tue, March 31, 2015 10:00pm EDT by 7 Comments

It’s time! The episode we’ve waited all season for, Jessa and Ben’s wedding. In this week’s episode of ’19 Kids and Counting,’ the Duggars say goodbye to Jessa Duggar, and say hello to Jessa Seewald!

On the March 31 episode of 19 Kids & Counting, it was a very emotional time for the Duggar family. They spent all season preparing for Jessa and Ben‘s big day, and now it’s finally here. But does it go off without a hitch?

’19 Kids & Counting’ Recap: Jessa & Ben Prepare For Their First Kiss

Tonight’s episode started off with Jessa and Ben meeting with their pastor. He discusses the meaning of a first kiss. “What is the big deal of the first kiss? Why is it so special and why do we put so much emphasis on it?” He told the couple that a kiss can be very powerful and beautiful. Ben reveals that he thinks he can do it right, because he’s seen some movies. Easy enough right?

Well when the big day arrives, Jessa starts to get butterflies about having to kiss in front of everyone. She reminds herself to just take it slow and make it romantic, while all Ben can think about is making sure to have his breath mints handy for the kiss.

Seirra Wrangles The Troops Together

Right away Seirra takes control and goes through the game plan for the upcoming wedding. She coordinates the volunteers and puts them all into different wedding crews. There’s 1500 brownies that need to be made for the ice cream sundae bar that will be at the reception. And instead of using cake, the pair will feed one another their ice cream sundaes. So the team gets to work.

Seirra also gets everyone organized at the wedding rehearsal, including the very large wedding party. Jessa and Ben seem calm and collected in the beginning, while Jim Bob is having a hard time adjusting to the fact that in less than 21 hours he will be giving away another daughter. He even jokes about wanting to run away.

While Seirra handled the rehearsal ceremony, Ben’s mom, Quinn, prepared the rehearsal dinner for everyone. A combined weight of 200 lbs of chili was served to the guests. Quinn also put together a very special shrine dedicated to both Michelle and Jim Bob’s fathers, who have passed away.

Jim Bob is the first to speak at the rehearsal dinner, but soon others followed suit and share kind stories about the couple. When it got to be Ginger’s turn, she became very emotional. She starts to cry and says, “Jessa’s always been there for me even at my lowest and regardless of what I’m going through. It’s something that I’m so grateful for.”

The BIG Day Is Finally Here — Wedding Day

It’s officially wedding day. Things don’t start off very smooth, the weather turns out to be colder than expected, so Seirra tries to quickly make arrangements to get space heaters, but comes up empty-handed. While Seirra is off trying to fix the temperature issue, Jessa decides to break traditional and see Ben before the wedding, she even helps him get ready by doing his hair.

While Ben goes off to take pictures, Jessa heads to the bridal suite to get ready with the girls. It becomes a very heartwarming time as Jessa preps with her bridesmaids. When she comes down the stairs in her gown, everyone is speechless. She tells the camera, “When I put it on, I was like, ‘This is it. I don’t need to try on any other dresses… this is my dress.’” Jim Bob comes in to see Jessa before he walks her down the aisle. He starts to shed a few tears and tells his daughter that he hopes she has a wonderful life. Jessa in turn gets very emotional as well and says,”I should have worn waterproof makeup.”

Before Ben and the boys start the photo shoot outside, he tells them that he forgot the wedding rings, thankfully Jim Bob saved the day and picked them up. Once the boys finished their pictures, the girls were up next to brace the freezing cold.

Jim Bob tries to savor the last few moments before he has to walk Jessa down the aisle. He tells her she’s been a great daughter. Jessa jokingly responds, “Well, I’m still your daughter.” But clearly, Jim is going to miss having her live at the house. As both wedding parties start their decent into the church, he takes one last photo of Jessa and tells her she’s the most beautiful bride. He then tearfully escorts her down the aisle.

As soon as Ben sees Jessa, he begins to cry. The couple have both written their own vows to each other. Jessa finally gets to see the wedding band that Ben had made for her, while Ben finally got to see Jessa in her stunning wedding dress. Just as the ceremony was coming to an end, Jessa and Ben made their exit, but without having their first kiss. They had both decided prior to the ceremony to enjoy their first kiss alone and in private. But after that, it was fair game, and they both had no problem kissing in front of their guests for the remainder of the night.

At the reception Jessa and Ben were able to enjoy their very unique ice cream sundae bar. The couple kept the tradition of feeding one another and sealed it with a kiss. After posing for one last photo, the couple say their goodbyes and rides off into the sunset in a horse drawn carriage.

Is was hands down a beautiful wedding!

HollywoodLifers — what was your favorite part of Jessa and Ben’s wedding? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Brittany King