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Justin Bieber Roast: All Selena Gomez Jokes In, Even Though She’s Freaked

Mon, March 30, 2015 1:18pm EDT by 13 Comments

Selena will definitely be a hot topic when Justin’s Roast airs on Comedy Central March 30! The Biebs has given his say on what the show’s final cut will include, and has learned EXCLUSIVELY that all jokes about his ex are good to go.

It’s a good thing Selena Gomez, 22, will have new boyfriend Zedd25, for support when she tunes in to ex Justin Bieber’s, 21, Comedy Central Roast on March 30! The final edit for the telecast, approved by the singer himself, is in, and has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Kevin Hart and his fellow roasters’ best and “most hardcore” jokes, including those about the sexy “I Want You To Know” singer, are all fair game.

Justin Bieber Roast: Selena Gomez Jokes Airing, Despite Her Fury

Although Selena was furious about being highly targeted when the Roast was taped, Justin is ready to give the viewers what they want.

“Justin is okay with the Roast telecast because he knows exactly what they are leaving in. He had final say on what was going to stay in and what would be left out. The Selena stuff is still in and people should anticipate a great show with all the hardcore jokes left in,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

But while the 21-year-old has OK’ed jabs about his ex, there has been some original footage cut from the taping — multiple one-liners about the late Paul Walker won’t air. “The Paul Walker stuff is out,” our insider confirms.

And don’t worry about Selena — as EXCLUSIVELY reported, the gorgeous brunette will be watching the Roast with her new man, Zedd via Skype.

“Selena and Zedd think it’s better if she just watches it and has fun with it, rather than dread it and possibly get the urge to secretly watch it alone,” an insider said. “He’s promised to make it a really fun and funny night, instead of something to worry and fret about.”

Justin Bieber: The Real Reason He Performed With Ariana Grande

After taking more than a year-long break from his music career, the Comedy Central Roast is the perfect excuse for Justin to get back out there and start performing again — which is just what he did on March 28!

The pop star surprised fans at Ariana Grande’s21, Miami concert, where he joined the former Nickelodeon star on stage for her tracks “Love Me Harder” and “All That Matters.” The duo also teamed up for a rendition of Justin’s 2012 hit “As Long As U Love Me,” during which Ari rapped her boyfriend, Big Sean’s, verse!

The surprise performance was carefully planned out, though, with Justin’s manager, Scooter Braun, as the brains behind the operation.

“Scooter wanted to get Justin back out on stage because he wanted him to reconnect with his fan base. Scooter sees it that if you like Ariana, you like Justin, so he paired them together,” an insider told EXCLUSIVELY.

And a smart move it was — we’re anticipating new music from Justin now more than ever!

What do you think of Justin’s return to the spotlight, HollywoodLifers? Are you ready for more?!

— Alyssa Norwin