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‘SNL’: The Rock Obama Returns In Hilarious Opening Sketch — Watch

Sun, March 29, 2015 12:38pm EDT by Add first Comment

Watch out –The Rock Obama is back! Dwayne Johnson reprised his role of President Obama’s ‘larger and more violent’ alter ego while hosting ‘SNL’ on March 28. The hilarious opening skit shows The Rock bigger and angrier than ever before — with a little surprise from ‘She Rock Obama!’

President Barak Obama loses his cool yet again with his fellow politicians in the hilarious cold open of Saturday Night Live on March 28. We all know what happens next — Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson transforms into “The Rock Obama,” and he’s not afraid to resort to violence should you say or do anything against him! Watch the funny skit here, and be prepared for a more gruesome Rock Obama like we’ve never seen before.

The Rock Obama: ‘SNL”s Hilarious Opening Skit Starring Dwayne Johnson

All Obama wants to do is get something done in the Middle East before the end of March. He’s completely level-headed when he calls out Senator Tom Cotton‘s character for sending letters to the Iranian government behind his back.

He becomes angrier with the other senators going behind his back and before he knows it, his clothes start to rip and dramatic music plays as he transforms into “The Rock Obama” — just in time for Michelle Obama‘s character to come in.

“Oh my god, it’s happening,” Michelle says as the Senators look scared and confused, asking what’s going on. “What’s happening is you made Barack Obama very angry, and when he gets angry he turns into ‘The Rock Obama'”. Sounds terrifying!

Barack — or rather, The Rock — resumes the meeting, and he questions one of his challengers, “You like Israel? Why don’t you go visit Israel?” while tossing him out the window. Like we said, don’t mess with The Rock!

Senator Cotton tries to play it cool about writing letters to Iran, but Barack is not having it. “You like writing letters? How are you going to write letters when you have no hand?” The Rock says when yanking his entire hand off.

Our favorite and most unexpected part was when Michelle comes back into the Oval office, only to learn that someone has been sleeping in her precious garden. (Oh no!) She becomes furious, and the same transition happens, only Michelle becomes “She Rock Obama!” Being the angry and violent alter ego of Michelle, she rips off the agent’s arm who delivered the news about her garden, and high fives The Rock Obama with the dead person’s arm.

So twisted, but so funny! This skit was definitely one of the highlights of the night.

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Did you think The Rock Obama skit was funny? Tell us your thoughts below!

— Julianne Ishler