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Rob Kardashian: The Shocking Tell All He’s Holding Over Their Heads

Fri, March 27, 2015 5:23pm EDT by 18 Comments

This is unbelievable. Rob Kardashian is out of control. His family wants him to get help but he’s not having any of it. In fact, he’s threatened his family that if they don’t back off, he’ll go and expose everything in a revealing tell-all!

We are just shocked. Rob Kardashian, 28, has his family worried sick over his destructive behavior. He’s lashing out at his sister. He’s isolating himself from the world. His family wants him to get help and how does he repay their concern? By threatening to expose them in a tell-all unless they leave him alone, as we’ve now learned in a EXCLUSIVE report.

Rob Kardashian’s Tell All Book: Threatens To Expose Family If He’s Not Left Alone

The Kardashians are trapped. They want to intervene and help Rob resolve his mental health issues. But if they upset him, he may just follow through on his threat to pen a graphic exposé, revealing every single dirty detail, an inside source EXCLUSIVELY tells

“He’s threatened to do a big tell all on the family, which they find pretty terrifying,” says the source. “This is what he does when he gets upset. He threatens all kind of stuff, like walking away from them for good and going where they can’t find him.”

Unbelievable! Rob’s family wants to help and he, in turns, blackmails them. What choice does the family have but to listen to Rob? “It’s easier for everyone to let him do what he wants,” the insider says. “When they leave him alone, he leaves them alone.”

Considering how Kris Jenner has worked hard to establish and control her media empire, the idea of her son going off somewhere and sharing her family’s dirty laundry probably scares her to death. So, they listen to Rob, they leave him alone and he remains depressed and isolated.

Rob Kardashian’s Instagram Diss Explained: He Thinks Kim’s ‘Two-Faced’

Though, despite this threat, his family still plans on confronting Rob about his behavior. And some are calling his bluff before then! His father, Bruce Jenner, reportedly called up Rob to chew him out, scolding his son for disrespecting his sisterKim Kardashian!

Scott Disick Shows Love To Rob Kardashian On Instagram

If there’s a member of Rob’s family that isn’t afraid of him, it’s his brother-in-law, Scott DisickScott, known for his own problems with the Kardashian family, posted a collage of photos with him and Rob on his instagram account, showing some love while saying “Good Old Bob” in a display of their close relationship.

What do you think about the potential of a tell-all from Rob, HollywoodLifers?

— Jason Brow