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Harry Styles & Louis Tomlinson Break Down In Tears On Stage Over Zayn Malik

Wed, March 25, 2015 6:49pm EDT by 17 Comments

Awww! Harry and Louis could not hide their emotions breaking down in tears in their final concert with Zayn. Thousands of fans watched as the boys cried while performing for the last time with their good friend. We are sad too!

Pictures and video taken at a March 18 concert show Harry Styles, 21, and Louis Tomlinson, 23, as tears streamed down their faces, in what would turn out to be their final performance with friend and band mate Zayn Malik, 22.  Now Twitter is abuzz with fan speculation that the boys cried because they already knew that Zayn would be leaving the group.

Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Cry On Stage In Final Concert With Zayn Malik

It was an overwhelming night for the lads of 1D as they stepped onto stage for the final time with Zayn, who announced today that he would be leaving the band he had been a member of for the last five years.

Zayn’s absence was initially thought to be temporary, as he had returned home to deal with the fallout from an alleged cheating scandal. But he shocked the world and his fellow band mates on March 25, when he announced that he would be leaving 1D for good.  Harry in particular fought to keep Zayn with the group, but he ultimately decided that it was best for his health to leave.

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“Harry and his band mates initially tried to convince him from quitting,” a source close to One Direction told “They even begged him to stay because they didn’t want him to make a decision he would regret. But in the end he had to go.”

Zayn Felt He Had To Quit Or He Would Die

Despite the impassioned plea from his band mates to stay with the group, Zayn felt that he had no choice but to leave.

Louis Tomlinson & Niall Horan Speak Out After Zayn Malik Quits One Direction

“Zayn felt like he had to quit 1D or he would die! He just couldn’t handle everything that came from the insanity of fame and being a huge celebrity,” an insider shared with  “All the temptations were just too much for him. He was losing a grasp on who he was and what he really wanted, while not making the best decisions,” our insider added.

What do you think Hollywoodlifers?  Should Zayn have left One Direction?

— Alex Cramer