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‘Late Late Show’: James Corden Brings It Home In US Talk Show Debut

Tue, March 24, 2015 2:14am EDT by 8 Comments

What a way to mark James’ US talk show debut! The British host had a ton of LOL moments on his first episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ on March 23 with special guests Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks!

Who else is glad that James Corden got that golden ticket? Following in the footsteps of Craig Ferguson, James made his debut on The Late Late Show on March 23. Between tons of unexpected faces, a hilarious ode to Tom Hanks and prying into Mila Kunis’ mystery marriage, did James live up to his potential as a host? Here’s our full recap!

‘Late Late Show’ Recap: James Corden’s US Talk Show Debut Brings The Laughs

James comes out for a good old-fashioned introduction and also reveals his promise to “put a smile on our faces.” He definitely accomplished that in his first episode!

First, he answers the burning question of how he ended up as Craig’s replacement — by getting a golden ticket, Willy Wonka style! A hilarious video shows the Late Late Show panel deciding to put one golden ticket in chocolate bars. Tons of celebs like Joel McHale, Lena Dunham, Eddie Redmayne and more are disappointed when opening their candy bars. But then, James finds Chelsea Handler‘s dropped candy bar, and sure enough it’s the golden ticket!

James rushes over to visit the great Jay Leno who competitively mentors him and we see him learn how to give a big laugh, have a heart to heart and get in shape! And just when James is starting to think he can’t do it, out pops the angel Meryl Streep, who says she believes in him. Then she throws out every Lady Gaga reference and he’s ready to rock.

But the twist is, Jay says that in 3 months the show will be his.

Mila Kunis On ‘Late Late Show’ — She Talks Kids & Marriage

Mila and Tom were the perfect first guests to have. Plus, it was great that Mila, Tom and James could all bond about their kids!

Mila dished all about how she loved being pregnant and that the key to being a mom is to take time for yourself. Her and Ashton Kutcher have date nights once a week and make an effort not to talk about kids when they go out. She even calls Ashton a great father!

James then presses Mila to answer whether or not she’s married. Between all the “maybe’s” James and Tom have her reveal her hand and sure enough her stunning sparkler is on full display. James even calls her Mrs. Kutcher!

Tom Hanks On ‘Late Late’ Show — His Incredible Film Career

Do you know just how many classics Tom has been in? A lot. And James did the perfect tribute to his still growing film career.

The duo did a hilarious bit featuring James and Tom singing in matching outfits throughout different movies he’s been in. We’re talking everything from Forrest Gump to Sleepless In Seattle!

James Corden’s Farewell Song

To say his first goodbye, James hopped on the piano to sing an emotional yet hilarious ballad about coming back every night to watch the Late Late Late Show.

“This is where I long to be, right here on the Late Late Show with me,” he sings. “Heartfelt thanks to brilliant Mila Kunis and Tom Hanks.”

So cute! James definitely nailed his US talk show debut!

HollywoodLifers, tell us — did YOU love James as the new Late Late Show host? Sound off below!

— Julianne Ishler