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‘Teen Mom OG’ Recap: Amber Admits She Wishes She Was High After Prison

Mon, March 23, 2015 11:02pm EDT by 1 Comment

They’re back and packing even more drama! On the season premiere of ‘Teen Mom OG’, Amber gets into a huge fight with her mom over her ex, Gary. While Catelynn unleashed fury on Farrah and tells her, ‘You sold your vagina.’

On the March 23, season premiere of Teen Mom OGMaci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, Amber Portwood are letting the MTV cameras back into their lives. The episode picks up with the three girls and their children facing a whole new set of problems. Maci is still dealing with drama with her ex, Ryan, while Amber is trying to adjust to her new life after prison. We also see Catelynn find out she’s going to be a mom again with Tyler Baltierra.

‘Teen Mom OG’: Catelynn & Tyler Reveal They’re Expecting

Tonight’s episode started out with Tyler reading gossip stories about him and Catelynn wanting to have another baby. As he’s reading her the comments, they both feel frustrated because people are judging them for wanting another baby after putting their first child up for adoption when they were younger.

Catelynn now feels ready for kids and takes a pregnancy test, which turns out positive. They start to discuss their future and Tyler tells Catelynn he wants her to be a stay at home mom for the first few years of the baby’s life. Both break the news to their parents, which goes over better than expected. Also, Tyler and Catelynn start to discuss their wedding plans and what’s the best date to get married now that a baby is on the way.

Amber & Gary Take On A New Relationship — Friendship

Now that Amber is out of prison after serving 17 months, she is ready to start fresh. She moved into a brand new house, is ready to stay sober and be there for her daughter. Amber and Gary are trying to give Leah a stable home life, and even though he has custody of their daughter, Amber was able to pick Leah up and take her to the park.

Amber and Gary decide to put aside their differences and are really trying to make their new relationship as friends work. When he comes over to pickup Leah, Amber even tells him, “I feel like we don’t fight no more. It’s kind of nice.” To which Gary jokingly responds with, “Well when you listen to me, when you don’t cut me off, it’s very very nice and it makes for a nice conversation.” Amber also says that she understands they will never be back together, but she wants to make their new relationship work. Gary then drops the bomb and says, “Can you really say never? Tell me I’m wrong.”

The only issue during tonight’s episode was when Amber called Gary to ask when she would be able to see their daughter next, and he told her that he was taking the Leah away for a few days with his new girlfriend. Amber got frustrated and didn’t understand why he needed to go into explicit details about his girlfriend, and feels Gary should have just told her he was busy. She stills feels wounded that her and Gary are no longer together.

Amber also spends time with her mom and cousin Krystal at a spa, which winds up turning into a massive fight over Gary. Her mom calls Gary evil, which enrages both Amber and Krystal. Even though Amber tells her mom, “I don’t want to talk about everything bad that’s happened,” the drama just continues and soon her mom walks out of the spa. When Amber returns home with Krystal, she admits that all she thought about after the fight was to get high. “The worst part about today was I thought about getting high after everything so much more. I felt like I could handle this if I was clocked out.”

Maci Continues To Fight With Ryan Over Bentley

Maci is in her last year of college, has a weekly radio show and now lives with her boyfriend Tylor, but her relationship with Ryan hasn’t gotten any better. He refuses to see Maci face-to-face and has his mom pickup Bentley from for him. While Bentley is with his father for the weekend, he has a complete meltdown about having to travel to Nashville with his dad and Shelby.

Bentley is away, so Maci spends time with her friends who tell her she should call Ryan, try to talk to him positively and asked to meet up. So she takes their advice and calls Ryan and asks to talk to him face-to-face when she comes to pick up their son. But the call doesn’t go well and Ryan winds up saying he’s too busy to talk and hangs up on Maci.

When Maci goes to pick up Bentley she asks Ryan’s parents for advice dealing with Ryan. His mom suggests emailing him, which frustrated Maci but realizes this is her only option left.

Catelynn Tells Farrah: ‘You Sold Your Vagina’

Both Catelynn and Tyler attend the Couples Therapy Reunion TV special, as well as Farrah. While the hosts starts questioning Catelynn about the progress of her and Tyler’s relationship, Cate happily reveals that they’re in fact expecting. Of course, Farrah then voiced her opinion and says, “I’m not disappointed, but it’s the opposite of what I’ve heard your vision being.” Catelynn asks her to explain, because obviously she’s confused by the statement. Once Farrah tries to explain her reasoning, Catelynn fires back and says, “We’re disappointed in the choices you make, and at least admit that you’re a porn star and not be in denial.” Catelynn then begins to mock Farrah, “It was a leaked sex tape, it was a leaked sex tape. No, you sold your vagina.” This causes Farrah to break down, so Catelynn finally eases up on her and tries to tell her she’s a great mom.

HollywoodLifers — do you think Catelynn was right to flip out on Farrah? Will Gary and Amber get back together? Let us know your thoughts below!

— Brittany King