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‘Better Call Saul’ Recap: Help A Brother Out

Mon, March 23, 2015 11:05pm EDT by 2 Comments

Oh Jimmy. On the Mar. 23 episode of ‘Better Call Saul,’ Jimmy smells trouble– and for once, he’s not even responsible for it! Of course, that doesn’t stop him from getting involved.

Can Jimmy (Bob Odenkirk) ever stay out of trouble? On the Mar. 23 episode of Better Call Saul, Jimmy again tries to do the right thing but his efforts are again somewhat thwarted. This time, though, he gets some assistance form big brother Chuck (Michael McKean). Also, we finally got to see why exactly Jimmy has such deep seated hatred for Howard (Patrick Fabian). Check out a full recap!

Congrats, Jimmy!

And we’re back at it.

We open on Jimmy, handing out the mail in an office building– Hamlin, Hamlin & McGill’s office building, to be exact. Assuming this is a flashback, per usual. He enters Kim’s (Rhea Seahorn) office, and hands her an important piece of mail. Whatever the news is, it’s good and she gives Jimmy a big fat smooch on the lips.

Jimmy then walks into Chuck’s (Michael McKean) office, and hands him a letter of his own: his acceptance to law school.  “Are you proud of me?” Jimmy asks.

“Yes, absolutely,” Chuck responds, taking a bit too long a pause. Jimmy wastes no time asking Chuck to hire him as a lawyer once he’s ready.

At the celebration party, Howard (Patrick Fabian) asks for a moment alone with Jimmy. He then proceeds to tell him that he won’t be hiring him at the moment, but, “let’s reassess in six months.” So now we understand why these two have such bad blood, huh?

So back to the present, we see Jimmy watching the news, and Howard is giving an address, saying they’ve come to an agreement on those pesky Kettlemans.

Elsewhere, he’s working with one of his new clients of the elderly persuasion. She can’t pay him, though, until she gets her “allowance.” She explains that her money is issued through some Sandpiper company, through which all of her social security is filtered. Something smells very fishy.

Jimmy takes over some of the elderly peoples’ documents to Chuck and they verify: these Sandpiper D bags are scamming all these old folks. Hard.

Jimmy (and that same, sad yellow car) return to the old folks home and serve those crooks. They respond by having him removed from the premises. “Big mistake!” Jimmy says as they literally kick him to the curb.

Back at Mike’s (Jonathan Banks) tollbooth, he gets a call from his daughter in law, asking if he could look after Kaley. He of course agrees .

Elsewhere, Jimmy is dumpster diving at the old folks home, looking for documents, when he gets a call from Sandpiper’s attorney. “You have no good faith basis to threaten any litigation,” the attorney says. So Jimmy sets out to find “good faith” piecing together al the shredded documents.

Turns out, the documents give them the upper hand they need. “Them,” meaning Jimmy and Chuck, as Chuck agrees to help out baby bro.

We flash to Mike’s babysitting session. As he’s about to leave, Stacy asks him if he thinks she can spend Matt’s dirty money. He assures her that, yes, it is.

Jimmy and Chuck have their first meeting with Sandpiper’s lawyers. They offer to pay $100,000 to Chuck and Jimmy–and those poor old peeps– if they drop the charges. “I’m afraid you’re gonna need to do better than that.” Chuck and Jimmy have them pretty much cornered, and getting to hear Jimmy tell these guys as such was awesome.

So, what number did the two have in mind?

“$20 million,” Chuck says. “Or we’ll see you in court.”

Back to Mike, he pays that sketchy vet another visit. “You still in touch with your people?” he asks. Hm.

At Chuck’s, he opens a letter of some sort and walks outside, so consumed by whatever it is he just wrote that he momentarily forgets about his radiation fears. As Jimmy follows him outside, Chuck gives him a blank stare and looks beyond panicked. And then, as always, the episode ends on a nail biting note.

What in the world did Chuck just find out? And what does Mike want from that vet? Only two episode left, guys! Tell me your theories!

— Casey Mink