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‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: August Reveals The Location Of The Author

Sun, March 22, 2015 10:13pm EDT by Avery Thompson 5 Comments

So much happened on the March 22 episode of ‘Once Upon A Time.’ A king made his grand entrance, a surprise character returned and we learned a shocking fact about the Author!

Once Upon A Time is gearing up for an epic battle between the heroes and villains. On the March 22 episode, we took a trip under the sea to Ursula’s (Merrin Dungey) shocking past, a fan-favorite character returned, Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) confessed his love for Emma (Jennifer Morrison) and August (Eion Bailey) revealed incredible new details about the Author!

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Under The Sea

When Once Upon A Time starts the episode with Hook on the Jolly Roger, you know it’s going to be a good hour. Hook was managing his pirate ship when he heard a beautiful voice. Being the Disney buff that I am, it sounded like Ariel’s from The Little Mermaid! Everyone on the ship was entranced by it, so much so that they were heading towards the rocks! Hook realized the voice was coming from the most dangerous creature of the sea — a mermaid.

The voice a very young Ursula’s. King Poseidon (Ernie Hudson!) was using Ursula’s voice to destroy the humans. Ursula was tired of using her voice for evil. “As long as you live in my ocean, you will live by my rules,” Poseidon screamed. Don’t underestimate the stubbornness of a young mermaid, Poseidon. Did Triton tell you nothing?!

‘Once Upon A Time’: Emma Would Be More Interesting As A Villain

Back in Storybrooke, August claimed to know nothing about the Author. However, when Rumple put August up next to the fire, he caved. August had met a mystic named The Dragon who had been looking for the Author. He died before August could find out any clues, but August stole his research and brought it to Storybrooke. This sent the villains on a mission.

Regina took over Snow’s body to warn the heroes about the turn of events. As expected, the heroes went straight to Belle for the dagger. They all quickly realized that Rumple had been playing them the whole time.

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: Poor Unfortunate Soul

Hook needed Ursula to find out the rest of what Rumple was planning. The only way he could do that was to return her happy ending that he took from her. This should be good.

Once upon a time, Hook and Ursula had a much better relationship. They were practically friends. Unforunately, Poseidon wanted to ruin that. He warned Hook about Ursula leaving the sea. Poseidon wanted Hook to take away Ursula’s voice — the ultimate betrayal. The king of the sea was willing to bargain with squid ink that would help slay Rumple.

Even with the thought of killing Rumple, Hook didn’t want to take the deal. He promised Ursula that he would never steal his voice, as long as she stole some squid ink for him. Things didn’t go as smoothly as they had hoped. During a heated confrontation between Poseidon and Hook, the pirate ended up stealing Ursula’s voice in retaliation! Later, Ursula’s rage got the best of her. She took Poseidon’s trident and gave herself tentacles. “Now I’m even more powerful than you are,” she seethed.

In the present day, there was tension between Hook and Ursula to say the least. In order to get what she wanted most, she had to resurrect the Jolly Roger. It was a win-win for Hook. Once the Jolly Roger was back, they headed onto the ship. He handed over the shell, but Ursula’s voice didn’t return. She thought that this was confirmation that villains could never get her happy ending. In her fury, she threw Hook overboard.

Thankfully, Ariel was there to save him! She gave him some sound advice, too. Maybe villains can get their happy endings, they’re just going about it the wrong way. Ariel, please stay forever!

‘Once Upon A Time’ Recap: An Epic Game-Changer

For a brief moment, Robin returned to Regina. Sadly, it was just a dream. Cue my frustration.

Rumple was done with taking it easy on August. He fed August a potion that turned him into wood again. Damn, that’s harsh. Rumple also activated a built-in lie detector test inside August (a.k.a. his nose)! August revealed that the Author was trapped behind a door and that Regina knew about it! She’d actually given the page with the door to the Author to Henry, and the door was somewhere in Storybrooke.

While Rumple, Maleficent and Regina were searching for the door, the heroes arrived to rescue August. Emma and August had a sweet moment during their reunion. It brought back all the reasons why I love these two. This little reunion was short-lived because Ursula barged in and grabbed Snow by the throat!

Before Ursula could kill Snow, Hook arrived with big news. Ursula didn’t need the Author to get what she wanted — she needed Poseidon. He made his grand entrance and returned her voice. Their poignant daddy-daughter moment resulted in Ursula returning to the sea.

Before she left for good, Ursula gave Hook some scary information. Rumple had big plans for Emma. The Author couldn’t change things in Storybrooke. The only way the villains could get their happy endings was if Emma was no longer the savior. Rumple planned to fill Emma’s heart with darkness!

Hook knew the calamity of the situation given that he was once a villain. Earlier, Hook admitted his worry to Emma over losing his happy ending. Yep, he knew he’d found it. His happy ending was Emma. THAT’S BECAUSE THEY’RE ENDGAME.

Regina took a break from the villains to check in on the heroes and steal the page of the door. What she learned from this pitstop changed everything. August did know where the door was. He just didn’t know exactly where it was located. The page of the door from the storybook wasn’t just an illustration. It was the actual door. The Author is trapped inside of the book!


HollywoodLifers, how do you think the heroes will get to the Author? Were you surprised by Ariel’s return? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson