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‘Pretty Little Liars’: The Top 10 Most Shocking Moments Of All Time

Sat, March 21, 2015 8:45am EDT by Avery Thompson 12 Comments

‘Pretty Little Liars’ season 5 finale — the big ‘A’ reveal — airs March 24. To mark this special occasion, has rounded up 10 shocking moments from the show!

Pretty Little Liars has put us through the wringer throughout the last five seasons. From shocking deaths to unbelievable returns to sexy shower scenes, the show has a knack for keeping on our toes with jaw-dropping scenes. has come up with 10 shocking moments to help you get mentally prepped for the big “A” reveal!

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Biggest Moments Ever — The Top 10

Mona’s death

“A” has always been lethal, but he/she took things to a killer level in the fifth midseason finale. Wearing a blonde wig, “A” destroyed the Vanderwaal house and brutally murdered Mona. No one will ever be able to unsee Mona’s pale dead body in “A’s” trunk.

Ezra gets shot

In the intense season four finale, Ezra was on the receiving end of a gun. He confronted “A” in New York after the elusive figure came face-to-face with the girls. At first, we all thought everyone was fine. We were so wrong. Ezra revealed he’d been shot by “A” and left us all in despair until the show returned. Would he live? Would he die? WE WERE SO WORRIED!

Aria kills Shana

Shana pulled a gun on all the Liars in the season five premiere and threatened to blow their heads off. Out of nowhere, Aria grabbed a huge gun and hit Shana in the head with it. And just like that, Shana was dead. This marked the first moment a Liar killed someone — ever. 

Alison returns to Rosewood

This was five seasons in the making. After four years of secrets, Alison made her triumphant return to Rosewood. A homicidal killer couldn’t keep Alison away forever.

Emily & Alison hookup

Emily and Alison’s sleepover got steamy — to say the least. After a moment of longing stares, Emily planted a big one on Alison’s lips. This resulted in a super hot makeout session in Emily’s bed. I KNOW WE ALL LOVE PAILY BUT EMISON, Y’ALL.

Toby on ‘A’ team

When Toby turned around in that black hood, it was a game-changer. When Spencer found out about Toby’s secret, we all got goosebumps. He only did it to protect Spencer, but the fact that he was working on the “A” team was 1,000 shades of SHOCKING!

Hanna gets hit by ‘A’

This was the first time “A” took drastic measures with the Liars. After Hanna found out who “A” was at the time, she ran to tell the girls. Unfortunately, she was run over by “A!” Aria got a text from “A” after it happened that read, “She knew too much.” That sent goosebumps down our spines.

Ezra’s past with Alison

Yep, Alison knew Ezra long before Aria did. Alison and Ezra met while Ezra was in college. They even shared a kiss! Ezra wanted to go full-on True Detective and investigated Alison’s disappearance. We even learned he initially hit on Aria at the bar because he wanted to follow a lead. Everything we thought we knew about Ezra was WRONG.

Caleb & Hanna in the shower

There had to be at least one sexy scene on this shocking list, amirite? We’ll never forget where we were or what we were doing when Hanna jumped into the shower to avoid her mother. Behind the curtain was a very naked Caleb! Swoon. Hanna couldn’t help but take a peek. Haleb forever!

Spencer’s memory the night Alison disappeared

That moment when we all thought that Spencer had hit Alison with the shovel the night of her disappearance shocked us all. Was Spencer really a killer? Nope, it was actually Melissa who killed Bethany Young that night, but PLL had us going there for a bit.

HollywoodLifers, what do you think is the most shocking Pretty Little Liars moment? Let us know!

— Avery Thompson