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‘Scandal’ Recap: Lena Dunham Exposes Washington’s Dirty Secrets

Thu, March 19, 2015 10:47pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Lena made her long-awaited debut on the March 19 episode of ‘Scandal’ and stirred up so much trouble for Olivia and Washington’s elite.

Olivia (Kerry Washington) had a major problem on her hands, and Lena Dunham was behind it all. On the March 19 episode of Scandal, Lena’s character threatened to ruin the lives of Washington power figures, Huck (Guillermo Diaz) took drastic measures to make sure David (Josh Malina) could continue to expose B613 and Olivia had one sexy hookup!

‘Scandal’ Recap: Dirty Little Secrets

Leo (Paul Adelstein) must have rubbed Abby (Darby Stanchfield) the wrong way because these two were in one heck of a screaming match when the show opened up. Abby wouldn’t let us in on why she was so mad, but it was “disgusting.” She vowed to take care of it even though Leo was the fixer. 

Abby went to an even better fixer — Olivia. Apparently, a book proposal had been sent to Leo, and it wasn’t fake. How did Abby know? The dustbuster from the book — whatever that meant — was Leo. If this book got out, Abby would be done in Washington. The lady behind all this drama was Susan Thomas (Lena Dunham). Olivia went straight to her door and went all Amanda Tanner on her. If she didn’t take back her book proposal, Olivia would destroy her career. 

Instead of cowering with fear, Susan marched straight into OPA and demanded $3 million. She used this opportunity to get under Olivia’s skin. Susan went on this rant about how Olivia used to wield so much power in town and now she was weak. Susan felt disrespected by Olivia as a woman and felt entitled to a crazy, empowering sex life if she wanted it. Yikes.

Despite this showdown, OPA continued their investigation of Susan. Susan was very prominent on Land-O-Kink. Olivia, Huck and Quinn (Katie Lowes) knew that they needed to get a hold of the book and fast. But Susan was good. She typed the entire book on a TYPEWRITER to keep from being tracked. OPA enlisted Charlie’s help to distract Susan while Huck searched her apartment. Huck found the goods — as in the book and tons of kinky stuff.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Mellie Plans Her World Domination

Regardless of the task at hand, Olivia was still downing wine like nobody’s business. Jake was giving reports to Fitz on how Olivia was doing. She was doing just fine, except she was mentally a mess. Fitz (Tony Goldwyn) wanted Jake (Scott Foley) to keep eye on her. Jake agreed, but didn’t work for free. Um, haven’t we been through this before, Jake?

Olivia, Huck and Quinn had figured out who everyone was in Susan’s book save one — the Doctor. Abby knew exactly who that was. That guy was David Rosen! David admitted that his secret tryst happened when he was still substitute teaching and “dead inside.” I forgive you, David. But this doesn’t spell good news for you.

Meanwhile, Mellie was taking the next step for her eventual world takeover. She was running for senator of Virgina and wanted Leo as her campaign manager. Fitz as First Husband? I simply cannot.

Huck was still willing to help David in exposing B613 but wanted immunity. He knew he would need it if he revealed everything he’d done for Papa Pope (Joe Morton).

‘Scandal’ Recap: What Happens To You, Happens To Me

Olivia called all the boys from Susan’s book into her office. She’d come up with a plan to give Susan the money she wanted. Leo was in, and so was everyone else. Except David. Always attempting to wear the white hat, David thought it was so wrong for allowing Sue to extort David. Ugh, David. Just go with the flow!

When Leo got home from work, Abby was crafting her resignation letter. He basically told her she was overreacting, but Abby knew that everything that happened to Leo, happened to her. Regardless of her title, she was always known as “Leo Bergen’s girlfriend.” (Don’t hate it, Abby. Embrace it.) If the racy book got out, she would be affected, too. Abby went to Cyrus to let her know about her plan, and he acted like a total tool. To him, she was just another press secretary. He’d easily find someone to replace her.

As was her nightly ritual, Olivia finished off her bottle of red wine. She picked up Sue’s book and took some of her advice. Olivia got all dolled up and went to a bar. She flirted with a hottie named Russell. However, when Olivia went to the bathroom, she had one terrible hallucination of her kidnapping and bolted.

After some thought, Olivia opted to find out everything there was to know about Sue. There had to be some reason why she was willing to expose so many secrets. As expected, Sue wanted revenge. Her former boss fired her because she refused to have sex with him. Olivia wanted Sue to take her power back and get justice. Girl power!

‘Scandal’ Recap: ‘Get In There & Get Naked’

Cyrus and Olivia met at their special spot and he had $3 million for Abby. However, he had ulterior motives. He just wanted the book. It could come in handy down the line and keep everyone in tow. Olivia was disgusted. Olivia, Mellie and Elizabeth should just form a holy trinity and one-up Cyrus. Mellie needed a campaign manager for her rise to political fame, and Elizabeth wanted to be that girl for Mellie. Imagine if those three teamed up.

Huck and Quinn went to check on Susan and found her at knifepoint by one of the men from the book. Huck let the guy go and then did the unexpected — he slit Sue’s throat! He knew she would have talked eventually, and he couldn’t risk her taking down David. Olivia was furious about Sue’s death, but Quinn had a serious heart-to-heart about it that changed Olivia’s tune.

Abby and Leo finally worked things out and had kinky sex. I love these two. They are just delightful. Olivia had a hot hookup as well, and it wasn’t with Jake or Fitz. She went back to the bar and met up with Russell. That isn’t his name, but this is my recap and I can do what I want. They made out all over her apartment and she told him, “Get in there and get naked.” Using that sexy Olivia Pope strut, she walked into the bedroom.


HollywoodLifers, what did you think of Lena as a guest star? The show’s best yet? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson