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‘Glee’ Comes To An End: The 50 Best Performances Of All Time

Thu, March 19, 2015 11:59pm EDT by Emily Longeretta 2 Comments

It’s through way too many tears that I’m forcing myself to say goodbye to ‘Glee’ on March 20, but still have to remember all the amazing performances over six seasons – namely these 50.

From the original “Don’t Stop Believin'” and the many incredible sectionals performances to the emotional moment Puck named his daughter with “Beth,” Glee has delivered over 700 incredible performances. So here’s 50 to get you through this weekend, while you’re going through withdrawal.

‘Glee’ Series: 50 Best Performances Done Over 6 Seasons

Just a short disclaimer: yes, I left some out because it’s impossible to pick only 50 of 700+ epic performances. Also, to watch, click on the singers name of each number. Enjoy!

50. It’s Not Right, But It’s OkBlaine & the New Directions
After Kurt was texting a strange man and Blaine found them, he decided to pretty much tell the whole glee club he was cheating!

49. Halo/Walking On SunshineLadies of New Direction
This was probably the most high-energy performance ever for the ladies of New Direction. Plus, what’s better than all of them in yellow?

48. Trouty MouthSantana
This was all about Sam’s lips, and basically was hilarious. Somehow, Santana made this sounds hot!


47. My Life Would Suck Without YouNew Directions
The group sings to Mr. Schuester after winning Sections and they totally made him cry, which in turn, made us cry. Plus, he ran and kissed Emma at the end!

46. If I Were A Boy – Unique
This storyline was definitely a unique one for the show, and this performance was beautifully fitting.

45. Confessions (Pt. 2)/It’s My LifeMen of New Directions
Finn gives the men of the group a special “vitamin” that boosted their energy, and created an epic mashup — and the guys were in leather.

44. Singing in the Rain / UmbrellaNew Directions & Holly Holiday
While the cast admit that this was one of the most difficult performances with all the water, this mashup featuring Gwyneth Paltrow was just insanely good.


43. I Know Where I’ve BeenUnique & the transgender choir
This really doesn’t need much of an explanation, but this was Unique’s surprise for Coach Beiste.

42. This Is A Man’s WorldQuinn
Quinn pregnant performances with other pregnant girls and sings . . . more explanation not needed.

41. Let Me Love You Jake & New New Directions
Jake can’t say “I love you” to Marley, so he sings it.

40. Proud Mary – New Directions
I mean, all of New Directions are in wheel chairs. How could it not make the list?

39. All That JazzRachel & Cassandra July
I mean, Kate Hudson’s character couldn’t have been more dislikable — but this performance was just incredible from two gorgeous ladies.

38. Can’t Fight This FeelingFinn
Obviously this was a turning point for the glee club, as it was the moment that Will discovered Finn, singing in the shower.


37. Time Warp – New Directions
The New Directions doing Rocky Horror Picture Show was a high point of the series.

36. MineSantana & Brittany
While it wasn’t a big dramatic performance, it was definitely a strong one between Brittana.

35. Slave 4UBrittany
This episode totally showcased Heather Morris’ incredible dance moves. And her incredible body. And we got to watch her seduce John Stamos.

34. HelloRachel & Jesse
Rachel and Jesse’s duets are always powerful and this definitely one of the top ones, as she realized how talented how he was during it.

33. Total Eclipse Of The HeartNew Directions
Jesse goes off on Rachel for breaking his heart, and then the glee club sings one of the most incredibly powerful songs, which resonates with everyone.


32. Don’t Stop Believin’Rachel
So this performance is Rachel’s audition — but she’s not alone. The judges tell her that they could tell she was remembering a certain moment, and we all knew what that was.

31. Back to BlackSantana
For Santana to take on an Amy Winehouse song, it was just fitting in so many ways.

30. The Boy Is MineMercedes & Santana
Anytime this song is covered it’s amazing, but this one was quite dramatic and hilarious.

29. We’ve Got TonightRachel & Finn
After Finn tells Rachel that they’re “endgame” they sung together about all the romances going on: their own, Artie and Betty, Quinn and Santana, Blaine and Kurt, and Marley and Jake.

28. Keep Holding OnNew Directions
In black and white, of course this was epic. It came right after Quinn’s pregnancy news was about to go wide, and was extremely powerful. Oh and Finn held both Rachel and Quinn’s hands.

27. Poker FaceShelby & Rachel
A Lady Gaga cover by Lea and Idina? Yes. Please.

26. Don’t You Want MeRachel & Blaine
This was probably one of the most hilarious episodes — the whole group got drunk at a party and Blaine and Rachel made out during Spin the Bottle.


25. LandslideSantana, Holly Holiday & Brittany
Adding Gwyneth between Brittana worked out perfectly, and the harmony between these three was incredible.

24. Somewhere Over The RainbowWill & Puck
Will’s song for the glee club is one of the sweetest, plus that ukulele sounds perfect.

23. To Sir With LoveNew Directions
This was during the season one finale, with the entire glee club telling Mr. Schuester how much he changed them for the better and that it didn’t matter if they won or lost — because they had him.

22. Thriller/Heads Will Roll MashupNew Directions & football team
The football team is in full makeup, do we need more of an explanation?


21. For GoodRachel & Kurt
I know everyone loves Rachel and Kurt singing “Defying Gravity,” but that’s them fighting forth spotlight — this is on the Broadway stage, admitting thy bring out the best in each other.

20. PretendingRachel & Finn
The song, written by Finn, was performed at Nationals and ended with Finn realizing his feelings for Rachel. However, their kiss at the end is to blame for the loss at Nationals (but who cares?!).

19. Say A Little PrayerBrittany, Quinn & Santana
This was the perfect audition for the Cheerios to do for the glee club, mixing their religion and their sultriness.

18. I Want To Hold Your HandKurt
Kurt sang this to his dad in the hospital after having a heart attack, and showed flashbacks of Kurt with his father growing up.

17. Hot For TeacherPuck
Puck falling for Rachel’s mom is amazing and this song is even better.

16. Like A VirginRachel/Jesse, Finn/Santana & Will/Emma
Definitely a sexier performance for Glee, but with all three women in purple negligées (Santana’s being the sexiest), this montage was one of the best. Of course, Santana and Finn were the only ones who actually had sex on that night.


15. A Thousand YearsJake & Marley
I’m not going to leave out all the new cast, guys. This was actually one of the covers that (to me) was better than the original.

14. Roots Before BranchesRachel
Of course this was one of the saddest performances, as it was the moment Finn let Rachel go to NY. Just try to watch this without crying.

13. Rolling In The Deep Rachel & Jesse St. James
The moment Rachel turns around and sees Jesse St. James is one of the best ever.

12. Girls Just Wanna Have FunFinn
Finn and Santana finally make up after she is outted as gay — and he sings this to her to make sure she knows that he loves her.

11. Make You Feel My LoveRachel
This was Rachel’s solo after Finn’s death and we shouldn’t even really call it a performance as it was of course filled with real, horrible sad, emotions. Props to the cast for even being able to film this.


10.  ToxicBrittany, Will & New Directions
Not only was this one of my favorite songs, Will showed that the wasn’t just the teacher, he was HOT.

9. Rumor Has It/Someone Like YouTreble Tones
This performance was right after Santana was outted — and afterward, she slapped Finn across the face.

8. Jesse’s GirlFinn
I mean, when your girlfriend dates a guy named Jesse, what better song to sing?

7. I Dreamed A DreamRachel & Shelby
Rachel and her mom (Idina Menzel) singing in all black? Yes please, all day, every day.

6. Don’t Rain On My ParadeRachel
Anytime Rachel sang Barbra it was epic, but this was just the perfect moment for her.

5. BethPuck to Quinn
This is how Puck gives Quinn the idea to name their daughter Beth and totally showed a different side of him.

5. Fix You – Will & the New Directions
This was definitely a moving song that begins with Will singing to Emma, and ends with New Directions singing together, and Mercedes deciding to leave the club.

4. Teenage DreamBlaine & The Warblers
This, in my mind, was the moment that Kurt fell for Blaine (and so did the rest of the world).


3.  Smooth Criminal – Santana/Sebastian
A Michael Jackson hit has never been so sexy… or done with two cellos.

2. Don’t Stop Believin’Kurt, Rachel, Finn, Artie, Mercedes & Tina
This started it all for the glee club, and was the first of many times we’d see the Journey song. Plus, you’ll see some of this (get your tissues ready) in the 2009 part of the finale.

1. FaithfullyRachel & Finn
The first time Finn ever said ‘I love you’ was followed up by this performance. I know many find my no. 2 as their no. 1, but I’m partial to this one.

The finale of Glee airs on Fox on March 20 from 8-10ET. Did I leave any out, HollywoodLifers?


— Emily Longeretta