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‘Pixels’ Trailer: Adam Sandler & Josh Gad Battle Giant Pac-Man — Watch Now

Wed, March 18, 2015 2:21pm EDT by 2 Comments

Pac-Man has turned on us, you guys! In the just released trailer for ‘Pixels,’ our beloved video games havepacome to life, and only one team can stop the digitized evil!

Say it ain’t so, video games! In the new trailer for Pixels, which will theaters on July 24, Adam SandlerJosh Gad and Kevin James must, not only face the heartbreaking realization that our favorite 80s video games are actually bad guys, but also stop the pixelated tyranny. Check out the just released trailer to see them deal with the eminent threat from Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and, yes, even Frogger. Watch it now!

‘Pixels’ Trailer

“Some alien life force has sent real life video games to attack us.”

These are the first words we hear in the trailer for Pixels and, obviously, they explain the reason why massive, come-to-life Pac-Mans are eating up the streets and why Donkey Kong is terrorizing our country.

Actually, as the latter threatens our team of heroes (or something like that) with his trademarked barrels, Kevin wonders how bad they could be, I mean, “they’re just barrels.” However, as the animated gorilla tosses one down next to them causing the ground to shatter, they get their answer and, turns out, pretty bad!

‘These Are Your Ghosts’

Of course, as any seasoned video gamer knows, the only thing that can take down Pac-Man is ghosts. “You want ghosts?” Michelle Monaghan asks. “These are your ghosts,” she says, as we are shown a colorful row of Mini Coopers.

Though they might not seem the most powerful, our team of gamers–along with those adorable Mini Coops!– are going to have to save the world from joystick-related destruction. “We’re the only ones that can do this!” Adam says, before a beat. “I’m kidding: we are all gonna die.”

Well, so much for conviction.

What do you think of the Pixels trailer? Are you excited for the movie?

— Casey Mink