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Justin Bieber Roast: Zedd’s Drastic Plan To Keep Selena Gomez From Watching

Mon, March 16, 2015 5:40pm EDT by 21 Comments

Joke after mean joke was made about Selena Gomez during the Justin Bieber Roast and her boyfriend, Zedd, doesn’t want her to hear a single one! We’ve got the EXCLUSIVE on his plans to keep her from watching it when it airs.

Some of the nasty things said about Selena Gomez, 22, during the taping of the Comedy Central Justin Beiber Roast on Mar.14 would make anybody cry. So Zedd, 25, has plans to keep his girlfriend from watching the event when it finally airs at the end of the month. In an EXCLUSIVE to, we’ve learned just what Zedd has cooked up to keep Selena from seeing and hearing the brutal things everyone said about her!

Justin Bieber’s Roast: Zedd Doesn’t Want Selena Gomez Watching It

Zedd wants Selena to stay focused on her current career instead of worrying about her past with Justin Bieber, 21, or any of the jokes made about her. Zedd has suggested that he and Selena go into the recording studio on Mar.30, the night that the roast is scheduled to air, sources EXCLUSIVELY tell

But Zedd’s plans are backfiring. Whenever he mentions these plans to her, he also avoids talking about the roast. Turns out that this is only makes Selena think about it even more!

Zedd Frustrated With Justin Bieber? — Says He Needs To ‘Punch Something’

Things aren’t exactly working in Zedd’s favor. Selena respects what Zedd is doing, according to sources, but she really doesn’t like it when he gets himself worked up over Justin.

“She doesn’t want him to think about Justin since she thinks about him enough already,” the source said, adding “She likes when Zedd does his own thing and they hang out and be them. She finds that way more attractive.”

Seems if Zedd wants to do the best thing for Selena, he may need to stop  concerning himself with her past life and not act like her protector all the time. With this upcoming roast, Zedd might just have to step back and let Selena handle it on her own.

Justin Bieber: How He Really Felt About Selena Gomez Jokes At Roast

We can’t blame Zedd for being mad, especially after Justin’s response to the racist and ugly jokes made at Selena’s expense. When Justin was asked about all the cracks that comedians Kevin Hart and Jeffrey Ross said about his ex, his response was less than sympathetic?

“The Selena jokes?” said Justin. “I mean everyone was going balls to the wall, there was no holding back so it was whatever.”

Yike! What do you think about it, Hollywood Lifers? Is Zedd right for wanting to protect Selena or should she handle this on her own?

— Jason Brow