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Miley Cyrus: Patrick Schwarzenegger’s Cheating ‘Completely Disrespected’ Her

Mon, March 16, 2015 8:47pm EDT by 12 Comments

Uh oh! Miley is, as expected, not at all happy at seeing her boyfriend, Patrick, get touchy-feely with another girl. But instead of feeling blue, she’s decided to see red. And yes, she’s very, very mad.

There were many ways that Miley Cyrus, 22, could have felt after seeing the pictures of her boyfriend, Patrick Schwarzenegger, 21, getting very friendly with a bikini-clad girl on the beach in Cabo.  She could have felt sad, depressed, perhaps angry? Yeah, she decided to go with angry, and in a EXCLUSIVE, sources tell us just how infuriated she is over her boyfriend’s alleged cheating.

Miley Cyrus On Patrick Schwarzenegger Cabo Photos: He Disrespected Her”

Of course, Miley would be pretty angry right now, and who can blame her? After what her boyfriend reportedly did, she’s justified in being upset. Even if this girl, as Patrick has claimed, is ‘just a friend,’ sources tell that seeing her boyfriend get all handsy with another woman has completely embarrassed Miley – and she’s pissed!

“She feels like he completely disrespected her and their relationship for being so flirty in Cabo,” sources EXCLUSIVELY tell And it’s going to take more than a bunch of text messages and tweets to make things right.

What makes Patrick’s behavior so upsetting is that he and Miley were really going strong. With romantic dates at Disneyland, dinners with Patrick’s mother and even talks of marriage, it makes sense that Miley would be upset over what Patrick’s flirty behavior.

What possessed Patrick to take a body shot off of someone other than his girlfriend, we don’t know. But we do know that Miley is livid and Patrick better watch out!

Miley Cyrus Flaunts Relationship With Another Man

Maybe two can play that game? After Patrick got caught with his hand around some other girl’s cookie jar, Miley posted a picture of her and an unnamed man to her Instagram account.

“da most biewteous thang in da whole wide world iz friendship,” Miley wrote in her oddly spelled caption. “yiew choose dem outta all da billion trillion and beyond dey are da onez dat days seem toooo short with….”

Read the rest of the message here. The cryptic post, sent hours after Patrick’s flirtations came to light, has people wondering if she and this unnamed gentlemen might have gotten as flirty as Patrick did with his beachside babe. Is all fair in love and war?

What do you think, Hollywood Lifers? Do you think Miley should stay mad? Or do you think that these two will work it out?

— Jason Brow