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Patrick Schwarzenegger: Keep Your Hands Off Other Girls

Mon, March 16, 2015 3:29pm EDT by Bonnie Fuller 4 Comments

Patrick — what were you thinking or doing when you had your hands and mouth all over a cute brunette in a teeny bikini? When you’re Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend, you shouldn’t be PDAing with any other girl!

Patrick Schwarzenegger, you were caught red-handed, literally, with a pretty, shapely brunette in your arms while you partied in Cabo San Lucas in Mexico, without Miley Cyrus.

Miley Cyrus: Patrick Schwarzenegger’s A Cheater — Keep Your Hands Off Girls

Sadly, the saying “when the cat’s away, the mice will play” appears to have applied to you on Sunday, March 15, when Miley was miles away in Austin, Texas at the South by South West music festival. Patrick, there’s no excuse, when you have a girlfriend, whether she’s a celebrity or not, for getting so up close and personal with another girl, especially when you were both near naked.

You both had your arms around each other. She was on her tip-toes with her lips inches from yours, her hands were on your bare shoulder and rested close to your privates on your bathing suit trunk and then your mouth was right on her navel as you drank shots off her stomach. Yuck!

Miley, 22, we hear at, is hurt and furious, as she should be. “She feels like he completely disrespected her and their relationship by being so flirty,” an insider tells us.

And who can blame her. Patrick, you’re begging her not to believe “the hype”, according to our insider, but what’s the hype? The photos tell the story and are on view for the entire world to see.

You did disrespect her and your relationship. Guys who love their girlfriends and respect them don’t let their hands roam all over other girls, no matter how flirty the other girls may be.

Patrick Schwarzenegger Defends His Behavior On Twitter

Now, Patrick, you’ve taken to Twitter in an attempt to defend yourself from Miley’s outraged fans and your excuses sound lame:

Miley Cyrus’ Fans Fire Back; Scold Patrick On Social Media

As you’ve probably noticed, Miley fans aren’t buying your excuses.

“Miley better hit you with that wrecking ball,” commented music_lover1198 on your Instagram.

“So that girl is your best friend ? Hahahaha are you kidding me ? You’re so stupid , I din’t believe in u anymore , you disappoint me,” tabrito blasted to you on Instagram.

Tweeted @captincyrus:

Well, Patrick, 21 — you definitely got some ‘splaining to do to Miley. It’d better be good. She’s certainly been a loyal girlfriend to you. If she does take you back, count your lucky stars and keep your paws off any other girl but her!

Do you agree, HollywoodLifers? Should Patrick keep his hands off other girls, period?! Let me know.

— Bonnie Fuller