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Kanye West Down On Scott Disick: Never Wants North West To See Her Parents Drunk

Mon, March 16, 2015 10:57pm EDT by 14 Comments

Kanye is fed up with Scott’s party boy behavior and thinks it’s ‘deplorable’ that he’s in ‘bad shape’ around his kids. The ‘Bound 2’ rapper is adamant that under no circumstances should North ever see him or Kim Kardashian drunk, an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye West takes parenting very seriously. He’s talked in depth with Kim Kardashian about Scott Disicks recent rowdy behavior and is not happy with the father of three. Kanye, being the protective dad he is, has told Kim that North West will never be allowed to see him or Kim “under the influence or worse”, learned EXCLUSIVELY.

Kanye West On Scott Disick In Rehab: Wouldn’t Want North To See Her Parents Drunk

“Kanye told Kim that if he ever lost it the way Scott has, never let him see North until he was better. Kanye would never want North to see him or Kim drunk or otherwise in bad shape. He thinks it’s deplorable and doesn’t think children should be exposed to their parents when they’re under the influence or worse,” an insider tells EXCLUSIVELY.

We totally see where Kanye is coming from, and he is such a protective father to North. He’s “furious” with Scott’s recent partying, and thinks the father of three has been making “stupid decisions.” In fact, Kanye has had bitter feelings towards Scott for awhile as we previously told you that he doesn’t even want North around Scott.

It sounds like Kanye has no sympathy for Kourtney‘s husband. After Scott released a statement to TMZ on March 14 saying his issues are “bigger than him” and he’s “ready to truly remedy this struggle” Kanye seems to be more upset and protective than ever!

Scott Disick In Treatment: Kanye West Wants Him Banned From Seeing His Kids

Yeezy thinks that Scott shouldn’t even be allowed to see his own kids until he’s 100 percent sober, we EXCLUSIVELY learned.

“Kanye’s not really a big fan of Scott as a father. He thinks Scott takes fatherhood for granted,” an insider told us. “He also thinks Scott makes stupid decisions and doesn’t consider himself, his wife or his children when he should. Kanye’s furious about Scott’s latest acts of stupidity and he told Kim [Kardashian] that she should tell Kourtney not let Scott see his children until he gets his act together.”

We see Kanye’s point, but is he giving Scott too much tough love?

What do YOU think, HollywoodLifers? Do you think Kanye is being too hard on Scott? Tell us how you feel below!

— Julianne Ishler, Reporting by Eric Ray