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Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber: His Plan To Apologize Before Roast Airs

Mon, March 16, 2015 11:38pm EDT by 39 Comments

All those nasty things said about Selena Gomez at Justin Bieber’s Roast were just too much for him to stomach. In fact, Justin may contact Selena directly and apologize to her before the special airs on March 30, has EXCLUSIVELY learned.

The fallout from Justin Beiber’s, 21, Comedy Central Roast continues! While everything from Justin’s manhood to his monkey seemed to be fair game during the taping of the roast, Justin’s relationship with his ex, Selena Gomez, 22, was a sensitive subject. After a number of roasters tore into Selena on March 14, has EXCLUSIVELY learned that Justin is feeling guilty and he may do something about it!

Justin Bieber’s Sorry For Selena Gomez Roast Jokes — His Apology Plans

Despite earlier pleas from Selena for Justin to try and keep her from being mentioned at his roast, her name came up almost as much as his did! And it seems like Justin now regrets how everybody treated her.

“Justin wants to reach out to her before the telecast and apologize for what she might see,” a source tells EXCLUSIVELY, “but he’s going to wait and see the final cut of the show to see if he needs to reach out at all.”

Though the Comedy Central cameras recorded every filthy joke that was made at the Mar. 14 event, the editors might cut the more offensive parts about Selena. Still, jokes have since leaked and Selena is FURIOUS.

It seems like the Biebs is feeling bad about the many mean things said about Selena. Earlier reports claimed Justin felt “nervous” about how everyone was going to diss her, but he seemed to be fine with some jokes made about her, especially what Chris D’Elia said about her and Orlando Bloom.

Maybe after he has some time to think about it, Justin will feel differently.

Zedd’s Plan To Keep Selena Gomez From Seeing Justin Bieber’s Roast

Though, Justin may not even need to apologize. As previously reported, Selena’s boyfriend, Zedd, has plans to keep her occupied, so she’s not even able to watch the roast when it’s on television. Zedd plans on getting Selena into the recording studio so she can focus more on her music than her ex-boyfriend’s party.

What do you think about Justin’s planned apology, HollywoodLifers? Do you think he’s sincere? Or is he trying to save face?

— Jason Brow