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‘The Walking Dead’: [SPOILER] & [SPOILER] Are Gruesomely Killed Off

Sun, March 15, 2015 10:18pm EDT by Lauren Cox 5 Comments

In one of the bloodiest episodes to date, two of ‘The Walking Dead’s characters die, including one of our beloved survivors, in truly horrifying fashion.

On the March 15 episode of The Walking Dead, things inside Alexandria take a nasty turn quicker than expected. During a scavenging trip, Glenn (Steven Yeun), Noah (Tyler James Williams), Tara (Alanna Masterson), and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) face sudden death inside a walker-ridden warehouse. So, which of them will make it out alive?

‘The Walking Dead’: Aiden & Noah Are Killed

Another day in Alexandria, and we’re finally reunited with Father Gabriel as he prepares to give a sermon for the first time in who knows how long. He’s prepared a mini-chapel in a garage and for some reasons he seems nervous. When he receives a gift of fresh strawberries from one of the neighbors with a nice note, he glares at them as if they are somehow going to harm him.

Moments later he starts ripping pages out of the bible until there are none left.

In another part of the small town, Noah is meeting with Deanna’s husband, the architect, for breakfast in what appears to be a cute little park. Either that, or Deanna has some serious land crammed into her Alexandrian backyard.

Apparently these two meet often, and now Noah is asking to be taught how to build. How to be an architect, more or less, to keep Alexandria on it’s feet even after everyone else is gone. It’s a smart idea, and Noah seems genuinely interested in keeping Alexandria afloat.

For whatever reason, Tara, Glenn, and Noah are still working with Aiden and Nicholas for to go scavenging. This time, they are dragging along Eugene along to help them find what they are looking for. Some sort of part that will help him put the energy grid back together, or something super smart and technical like that. Whether or not they’ll all survive out there remains to be seen.

The Group Finds Trouble At The Warehouse

While out on a scout, Rick passes Jessie’s open garage to find her pouting over a pile of broken metal. The owl she was building with her kids has been destroyed, and even though Rick makes a joke about someone hating owls, he seems determined to find out who did it. Hey, he needs something to do inside those walls, doesn’t he? Plus, you know, he has to keep Jessie impressed!

The scavenging group finds a warehouse that they are trying to break into in hopes of finding what they need to fix the power grid, but they have to separate to secure the building and look for an entrance. Tara and Eugene get paired together and head off, but, unfortunately, the resident genius is still not interested in trying to protect himself.

Then, as Tara takes out a walker and tries to convince Eugene he needs to step up his game, he claims he already has. According to Eugene, he’s to thank for their arrival in Alexandria. When Tara reminds him it was the group who got him there, he reminds her that he’s the one who sang D.C.’s praises and ultimately convinced the group it was a safe destination to pick. It’s hard to tell which one of them is right and which one of them is wrong, honestly.

On the other side of the warehouse, Glenn and Noah find that the front entrance is swarming with walkers. Thankfully there’s a gate to keep the group safe, but how long will it last?

As the group gets back together they find an open side door, and Glenn makes a ton of noise before they enter to make sure there are no walkers hanging out inside. Once it’s clear they make their way in, but a few moments later they can hear the gurgles and growls of a group of walkers who are stuck “behind something” as Glenn put it. Aiden is impressed to find that Glenn is right, and the group hurries to find what they need and escape before anything goes wrong.

Of course, I spoke too soon. Something goes terribly, terribly wrong.

Aiden Nearly Kills Everyone By Panicking

A walker in head-to-toe protective gear starts to make it’s way towards Aiden, and no matter how many shots he takes he can’t knock the guy down. Then Glenn sees something on the walker that terrifies him and he screams for Aiden to stop, but it’s too late — the next bullet creates an explosion.

Aiden is killed almost instantly, but Glenn, Noah, Nicholas, and Eugene all seem okay. Then they find Tara and she’s unconscious and covered in her own blood. They can’t get to her though because she’s blocked off by the aisle, and they have walkers coming. It’s Eugene who is closest to the walker and as he pulls his gun up to shoot at it, another walker jumps him from behind. Thankfully, Glenn and Noah are able to save him.

They finally get to Tara and Eugene reveals that she has serious head trauma and is losing too much blood. As they are examining her and trying to figure out how to get her out of there, they hear Aiden moaning — HE’S ALIVE. He’s stuck to a wall, but he’s alive!

Back in Alexandria, Carol finds Sam, the little boy she threatened to kill in the gun locker, hiding in a closet inside her home. He’s looking for more cookies, but Carol has no time for him and quickly sends him packing. He practically begs her for more cookies though, so she finally tells him to go steal the chocolate from Olivia’s garage. That’s how he’ll get more cookies. Yikes!

Somewhere outside of Alexandria Abraham is with a group of people gathering supplies at a construction site. When a hoard approaches they start shooting, but they get overwhelmed quick. A woman with the group falls and gets hurt, but the group retreats without her — except Abraham. He runs to save her, and somehow gets trapped by the walker herd. When the rest of the group realizes he’s still alive they are not only impressed but inspired, and they rush to save both him and the woman he saved. Abraham: American hero!

Back at the warehouse, the group is trying to save Aiden while Eugene is with Tara. He’s telling her unconscious body that he takes no responsibility for what happened there, but you can tell he feels guilty. That guilt turns into determination pretty quickly, and next thing you know he’s carrying Tara over his shoulder and shooting walkers left and right to get her out of there safely. Way to go, Eugene!

Eugene and Nicholas try to pull Aiden off of the metal rods that he’s impaled on, but it’s impossible to do without him screaming in pain and attracting more walkers. Then Nicholas bails on Aiden, showing us that bailing is really a thing for Alexandrians, and Glenn tries to rescue him by himself. But, Aiden stops him and tells him, “It was us. They didn’t panic, the four before.” So now his death is karma, especially as Glenn goes running and leaves him behind.

Unfortunately, escape doesn’t come that quickly for Glenn, Noah, or even Nicholas. They get stuck in the revolving doors of the front entrance where all of the walkers were roaming the parking lot. Will Eugene be able to save them all?

Eugene Tries To Save Glenn & Noah

The answer to that question is… sort of. Eugene drives the van around to the front and blasts Aiden’s obnoxiously loud music to get the attention of the walkers, and it works. The walkers on the outside of the revolving door slowly but surely start making their way towards the van which gives the group an out.

Well, except for the walkers who are on the inside of the revolving door. If they turn the door one way, Noah dies. If they turn the door another way, Nicholas dies. Glenn decides he can save them all by breaking the glass on the door, but the pressure makes the door move just enough to terrify Nicholas. He quickly panics and pushes towards freedom, putting Noah in grave danger.

Despite Glenn and Noah’s best efforts, the door spins and Noah is dragged into the walker herd as Nicholas runs free. Glenn is forced to watch as Noah is torn apart by walkers, his blood splattering against the glass as his screams finally waver until they are completely gone. Damn, that’s two deaths in one episode!

After the fiasco at the construction site, the man in charge heads back to Alexandria where he tells Deanna that he thinks Abraham should be in charge. Of course Maggie vouches for him, and Deanna is left to deliberate whether or not it’s worth putting another newcomer in a top position.

Nicholas finally catches up to Eugene and the van, but he’s without Glenn and Noah. Eugene refuses to let him take the van so that they can leave without his friends, and when Eugene grabs a gun to take out Nicholas it’s Glenn who saves them from both accidentally killing themselves. Glenn hits Nicholas repeatedly until he’s unconscious, and then they put him in the back of the van with Tara. When Eugene asks where Noah is, Glenn walks away. So sad.

Father Gabriel Turns On Everyone

Before the group returns to Alexandria, Sam shows up at Carol’s doorstep holding a bag filled with two chocolate bars. As promised, she bakes him cookies, but as he continuously asks her questions she keeps shutting him down. Then, he asks her why she was stealing guns, and she tells him that sometimes people just need to protect themselves.

Surprisingly, he asks her for a gun. When Carol asks why he needs a gun, he tells her it’s not for him. Unfortunately, he won’t confess who it’s really for, and instead leaves Carol’s house without the cookies. Weird.

Meanwhile, Father Gabriel pays Deanna a surprising visit. In the foyer of her home he tells her that she made a mistake letting in Rick and the group, that they are basically Satan and have done some terrible, horrible things and they are going to destroy Alexandria and everything it stands for.

Deanna seems shocked by this, but what’s even more shocking is that Maggie was quietly listening down the hall.

After her odd interaction with Sam, Carol stops by Jessie’s house to check on him. Instead she gets Pete at the door, and he will barely open it and is very short with her. That’s when Carol realizes something is up, something is all-too-familiar with this scenario. When she asks Pete if she can talk to Jessie he tells her it’s a “bad time” and closes the door in her face.

Carol immediately rushes to Rick’s house where she tells him that Pete is beating Jessie and most likely both of their children. Rick’s face is immediately filled with rage, and it’s clear that he’s ready to handle the situation. But, just in case he wasn’t on the same page, Carol tells him there’s only one thing they can do to fix this situation: kill Pete.

Was that a smile we see on your face, Rick?

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Were you sad to see Noah and Aiden go or were you happy that they were finally gone? Do you think Rick and Carol are going to kill Pete and save Jessie? Comment below!

— Lauren Cox