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‘Run All Night’ Reviews: Another Classic Liam Neeson Action Hit?

Fri, March 13, 2015 10:38am EDT by Add first Comment

Action superstar Liam Neeson has another explosive flick about to hit the big screen, but is ‘Run All Night’ worth your time? Check out the reviews!

Liam Neeson is at it again! The Taken actor, 62, stars in the new film Run All Night. In the movie, opening everywhere Mar. 13, Liam plays an aging hit man whose son (Joel Kinnaman) becomes the target of a mob. Under pressure to save his son, he must figure out where his loyalties lie. Sounds like it has all the making of a Neeson classic, right? See what reviewers had to say!

‘Run All Night’ Reviews

Does Liam Neeson have another hit on his hands? The reviews are in!

New York Times

Yes, Run All Night is another action film starring Liam Neeson, with a title as generic as you might expect. But the movie, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra, who directed Mr. Neeson in the efficient airborne thriller Non-Stop has two saving graces: a tight script and terrific acting.

New York Daily News

Fatigue is all we get from Run All Night, which hits us with such other dialogue doozies as “I’m the best chance you’ve got to stay alive!” “You gotta trust me!” and “He won’t stop until we’re all dead!” It’s like a greatest hits of Neeson’s action-movie quotes — and they run all night. Unfortunately, the movie loses steam within minutes.


There’s no mistaking Neeson for anything but the right man in Run All Night — namely, Jimmy Conlon, an Irish-American mafioso who knows his pursuers all too well and can scarcely begrudge them for wanting to hunt him down. Remarkably, despite the narrative’s compact 16-hour time frame, an entire gangland history manages to come into fleeting focus, as [director Jaume] Collet-Serra freights even the most offhand exchanges of dialogue (and gunfire) with a disquieting intimacy that underscores his characters’ shared experience: Whether conceived on a grand scale or in close quarters, the violence always feels personal.

The Hollywood Reporter

Neeson moves one step closer to becoming the new Charles Bronson in Run All Night, the latest slab of amped-up urban mayhem he’s found to perpetuate his rugged-leading-man-of-a-certain-age success now that the Taken series has run its course.” The film is “set on a snowless, unfrosty Christmas Eve that looks like it was shot around September, the story keeps everyone in motion all night long, and frantically so, to the point that it could easily have been titled Non-Stop 2.

Now that you’ve read the reviews, it’s your turn! Will you see Run All Night?

–Casey Mink