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President Obama Calls Kanye West A Liar: I Don’t Have His Number

Fri, March 13, 2015 12:27pm EDT by Chloe Melas 14 Comments

President Barack Obama went on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ March 12 and totally slammed Kanye for saying that he calls him and Kim on their home phone! HollywoodLifers, who do you believe?

Did Kanye West just get caught in the ultimate lie? The rapper recently told students at Oxford University that “Obama calls the home phone, by the way.” At the time we were quite shocked at the idea of President Barak Obama calling Kanye as if they were best buds but it turns out Kanye might have had a slip of the tongue. Jimmy Kimmel asked The President to give his side of the story and you’ll be shocked to find out what he said!

President Obama Calls Kanye West A Liar: ‘I Don’t Think I’ve Got His Number”

President Obama seemed a bit shocked when Jimmy totally put him on the spot.

Jimmy read to the POTUS what Kanye had said, March 2, while speaking to students at Oxford University: “I understand that I’m a servant. And with my voice, with my ability to build relationships with amazing people, speak to amazing people, call Elon Musk out of the blue or call Obama out of the blue — Obama calls the home phone, by the way.”

That’s when The President had the best response ever!

“I’ve met Kanye twice. The first time when I was a senator. He was with his mom [the late Donda West]. He had just gotten big. He’s from Chicago, so they wanted to meet. He was very soft-spoken, very gracious. He was a young guy. He hadn’t quite… come into his own. About six months ago, he came to an event. Look, I love his music. He’s incredibly creative. I don’t think I’ve got his home number.”

Well, it looks like someone has some explaining to do, Kanye!

Kanye: More Wild Things He Said During His Oxford Rant

Kanye delivered his speech to 300 students for about 45 minutes and here are some of the interesting things he said, in true Kanye fashion.

“One of my biggest problems has been my ego. And if I, Kanye West, can remove my ego, I think there’s hope for everyone,” he said. “When you’ve lost the ideal of holding on to that concept [of being number one], you can leave the mountaintop finally, and walk down and readjust and see what your position on earth can be.”

“They need to do an awards show for the Nobel Peace Prize,” he also said. “I guess that wouldn’t be so good for MasterCard. But you know, at the Brits, that MasterCard logo – it was a big logo.”

HollywoodLifers, who do you believe?

— Chloe Melas