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Justin Bieber ‘Really Upset’ Over ‘Men’s Health’ Blasting Him As ‘Offensive’

Fri, March 13, 2015 4:14pm EDT by Chloe Melas 34 Comments

Justin spent the day with a ‘Men’s Health’ writer who called out Justin for not having to do regular things like take public transportation, mow the lawn or get dumped by a girl, in its April issue. spoke to a Justin insider who tells us that the singer is absolutely shocked that the article was written in such a mean way and that his camp got into an argument with the magazine before it hit the newsstand.

“It’s not that you don’t like Justin Bieber. You actually find him offensive,” that’s how the eight-page cover story written by Oliver Broudy for Men’s Health, kicks off. The feature, which has learned was supposed to be about the 21-year-old’s fitness regimen and overall maturity, was riddled with jabs at the singer and we have been told by an insider that Justin “couldn’t believe” what he was reading when he got his advanced copy and he feels completely betrayed by the well-known fitness magazine.

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The piece was supposed to coincide with two very monumental moments in his life; his 21st birthday and his Comedy Central Roast. Instead the magazine appeared to bring up all the things that Justin has been trying to overcome this past year. Instead of supporting Justin, the magazine made the assumption throughout, that most Men’s Health readers could care less about Justin and they made that very apparent with comments like, “Because his success primarily depends on skillful producers and shrieking tweens?” and “Because he managed to steal the attention of half the planet’s girls by basically becoming one of them?”

We’ve learned that Justin won’t be tweeting or Instagramming about the article to any of his 61 million Twitter and 23 million Instagram followers. Although he did post four of the photos from the shoot, but with no captions.

“If you isolate his quotes, they don’t add up to the character [Oliver] is describing,” our source tells “Justin and his team haven’t supported the magazine, not one tweet or Instagram that says Men’s Health. You have a young man who is trying to turn his life around and open up and today they sabotaged that. He is really upset. He couldn’t believe it. Why would [the writer] do this and say such mean things about me. He is really hurt and doesn’t understand because he liked the [writer] and the [writer] told him after, ‘you’re nothing like I thought.’ It makes him never want to do an interview [again].”

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Here is another gem from the article: “Or maybe it’s just that he’s never had to deal with all the crap the rest of us have.Like public transportation. Job interviews. Getting fired, or dumped, or ignored at the bar. Mowing the f***ing lawn.”

Ouch … now that’s harsh. has also learned that Justin offered to spend a second day with the writer and the writer said no.

“Not only did Justin spend the day with him, the guy said ‘lets not do a second day.’ He also said ‘Wow, what a nice guy. I really enjoyed my time with [Justin.]”

We’ve learned that Justin and his team received an advanced copy of the article and were so outraged that they tried to get changes made, but it was too late. In fact, our insider tells us that the magazine promised to reach out to Justin to made changes to their digital version but they never did.

“It’s really outrageous,” our source adds. “This is why celebs don’t want to do interviews anymore. They cannot trust people to write things without twisting them.”

The article ends with this: “Wait, wait,” the Biebs demands. “Do you think I’m being authentic right now?” It’s a fair question. Worth pondering. Do you?”

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We reached out to Men’s Health and their spokesperson responded:I can’t speak for them but Justin looks amazing on our April cover (check out the photos from the shoot that he’s posted on his Instagram) and we encourage everyone to read the story in its entirety.”

HollywoodLifers, do you think Men’s Health was too hard on Justin?

— Chloe Melas