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‘Scandal’: Olivia Gets Drunk As She Struggles To Get Back On Her Feet – Watch

Thu, March 12, 2015 2:44pm EDT by Add first Comment

Oh boy. On the upcoming episode of ‘Scandal,’ Olivia is in a super dark place. So, naturally, she’s getting stinking drunk in order to cope. Check out a sneak peek!

Poor Olivia (Kerry Washington). The handler of everyone else’s problems is having some real trouble dealing with her own and, on the Mar. 12 episode of Scandal, we will continue to see her post traumatic stress play out in her life. You would be getting drunk in broad daylight too, okay? Watch it now!

‘Scandal’: Olivia Gets Drunk

As this scene from the new episode of Scandal begins, we open on Olivia, sitting in her home in the middle of the day, curled up in a ball against the wall.

Her only company is a small gun and a big bottle of booze, from which she is taking massive gulps. Between chugs, we see flashes back to her kidnapping: the wine glass spilling onto her couch, the needle being struck into her neck, the handcuffs being latched around her wrists. It’s all very traumatic to watch– and it’s not like we were actually there!

Suddenly, Olivia is yanked from her day-mares (like daydreams, only terrifying). She jumps at the mere sound of the ringing telephone.

“What?” she answers.

‘I’m Not Back’

“I know you’re still getting back on your feet,” Cyrus (Jeff Perry) says on the other line.

“My feet?” she asks back, pissed. “Cyrus I was kidnapped and held hostage  by a team of mercenaries. “

“And now you’re back!” Cyrus says, trying to shut her down.

“I’m not coming back, there is no back,” she assures him before pausing. “I’m not back,” she says.

And then the scene has the nerve to end!

Do you think Olivia is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder? Are you excited for the new episode?

— Casey Mink