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‘Scandal’ Recap: Huck’s True Identity Is Revealed & He Exposes B613

Thu, March 12, 2015 10:52pm EDT by Avery Thompson 2 Comments

Olivia tried to move on from the past on the March 12 episode of ‘Scandal,’ but it was Huck who made the most progress.

Scandal has a way of shocking you when you least expect it. On the March 12 episode, we finally learned more about Huck’s (Guillermo Diaz) past, Susan Ross struggled with her new role and Olivia (Kerry Washington) made a decision regarding her life and how she was going to move forward after that traumatic kidnapping.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Familiar Faces Return

Nope, it wasn’t a dream. Fitz had selected Susan Ross as his next Vice President. She was super awkward, but she acted liked we all would if put in her position. Her laugh/cry/scream on camera was absolutely sensational and went totally viral. In short, I’m obsessed with Susan Ross. 

Meanwhile, Olivia was pulling a Fitz and consuming more alcohol than she should. She was flooded with horrible flashbacks from her kidnapping. Poor girl needed therapy before her kidnapping and now she desperately needed a talk. The little old lady who knew her neighbor Lois was back and looking for her BFF. Olivia knew the truth about Lois, but she was determined to find Lois’s body for Rose’s sake. 

Kim was back (!) and looking to unravel all the secrets behind B613. She handed all the files over to David, and we learned that Huck’s real name was Diego Munoz! Gasp.

Leo also made his triumphant return to the White House, and I was elated. I am obsessed with Leo. I just love his snark and the energy he brings to the Oval Office. Plus, I love Paul Adelstein. He’s a perfect human. Leo was brought back to help with the Susan Ross situation. He had one big “come to Jesus” meeting with the possible new VP. The American people needed to learn to like her again. She went on a series of talk shows and had an onscreen interview. She was doing A-okay — for now.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Staying Strong

Leo was a little too serious for Susan, and she started to crack under the pressure. Abby asked him nicely to lay off Susan, but she ultimately loved the game. The bickering was a turn-on for them. However, when Leo and Abby were getting ready for bed, she called him a bully for being so hard on Susan, who had said she wanted to quit. Leo wasn’t going to have this talk before slipping into bed, so he left! He couldn’t believe that Abby wasn’t able to trust that he was doing what was best for Susan.

Don’t go, Leo!

After Kim’s surprise meeting, David ran to OPA with the latest B613 news. Those were his files that Kim gave to him. Jake wanted to kill whoever gave them to Kim. Huck admitted he was the culprit. He went to Kim pissed that she would do something of this caliber without his consent. She promised that she was on his side. She wanted justice.

I think Jake’s really just scared of what Papa Pope will do if/when he finds out about Kim’s little meeting.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Begging For Forgiveness

Olivia was shocked to learn that poor Rose was in love with Lois. The pair had been for over 40 years. Rose had loved Lois even in the midst of constant struggle. She was willing to wait however long it took to find Lois. Ugh, this is killing me. Honestly, Olivia shouldn’t have been handling this case on her own. During her off time, she was carrying a gun and brushing her teeth at the same time. She still couldn’t move on from her kidnapping, as evident by the spilled wine still on her couch.

Fortunately, Abby needed Olivia’s help. She needed Olivia to have a chat with Susan about the vice presidency. She told Susan to be honest and true to herself in the face of the senate. Susan rocked the hearing, and Olivia realized that Susan wasn’t the problem — it was Fitz.

Olivia once again found her way to the Oval Office and told Fitz he needed to beg for the Senate’s forgiveness. “You made a mockery of democracy,” Olivia said to her paramour regarding going to war. Even when they were arguing, these two couldn’t stop looking right into each other’s souls. Seriously, that stare. I simply cannot put into words how much chemistry Olivia and Fitz have. They don’t even need to speak!

Despite his time with Kim and Javi, Huck swore to Quinn that he would choose Olivia went it concerned B613. He had a meeting with David and claimed not to remember anything about B613 until David brought up the hole. He started having flashbacks about the happy times with his family and snapped. He went on and on about the hole much to David’s shock.

‘Scandal’ Recap: Moving On & Moving Forward

Just as he always does, Fitz listened to Olivia and went to the Senate. Susan Ross was now the new Vice President of the United States, and Mellie was loving it. I have a feeling Mellie will be eating her words about Susan.

Even after their spat, Abby and Leo couldn’t stay away from each other for long. Abby preached that if he couldn’t handle her having power, then could just leave for good. Leo didn’t want to leave. They kissed. It was hot. Huck and Kim also shared a sweet kiss on her doorstep. Huck’s finally getting some light in his life. Thank goodness.

Olivia and Rose attended Lois’s funeral together. Olivia told her that Lois died of an aneurysm to prevent Rose from hearing about the horrible way Lois really died. Olivia started having flashbacks of her island time with Jake and none with Fitz. Rose wailed that nothing was ever going to be the same, and this sparked something in Olivia. She’ll never be able to move on from her kidnapping, but she will be able to move forward.

So Olivia cleaned up that wine stain and grabbed her popcorn and wine. She was back — sort of.

Jake was still freaking out about B613 to David. Shockingly, David wanted to take the next step with the investigation. He was willing to protect Olivia and Jake, but he wanted to get the bad guys. Even though Jake thought he was one of the bad guys, David assured him that he wasn’t. Not anymore.

HollywoodLifers, do you think David’s never ending quest to be the good guy will come back to bite him? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson