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Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather Jr. To Make $100 Million For Fighting

Thu, March 12, 2015 7:59am EDT by Lauren Cox 1 Comment

Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather will finally come face-to-face in the ring, but no matter who wins the fight, their reported $100 million paychecks reveal they are both winners!

Manny Pacquiao, 36, and Floyd Mayweather Jr., 38, are in training to prepare for the biggest fight of their lives. Shortly after their first and only pre-fight press conference, it was reported that both fighters stand to take home a 9-figure paycheck once this is all said and done. Wow.

Manny Pacquiao & Floyd Mayweather Jr. Making $100 Million

Let’s be honest: if you could make $100 million for just one night of work, you would probably never work again, right?

Well, don’t be surprised if Floyd and Manny go into retirement after they duke it out in the ring, because they are both set to make about $100 million a piece for fighting each other, reports Yahoo. Even though that sounds like a whole lot of money, ESPN is estimating that the fight will make approximately $400 million — if not more — once ticket sales, pay-per-view, and other revenue is combined.

Floyd Mayweather & Manny Pacquiao Fight Is Set — Deal Is Done

“This fight will sell itself, which is a great thing,” Floyd said during the March 11 press conference. “[Manny]’s doing a lot of media, talk shows, which is great. I prefer him to do it so I can train.”

The report claims that Floyd is set to make $100 million no matter what, and that Manny is slated to make $60 million which is starting to look a lot more like $80 million based on how much money their one-night-only fight could make. That’s insane!

Manny’s Not Sure How To Spend His Money

Before the press conference, Manny was stopped on the red carpet and asked about the massive income he’s going to receive for fighting Floyd. While one of his team mates had a great suggestion — giving him a loan — Manny had a much more serious answer for TMZ.

“I don’t know yet. Right now just focusing on the fight, how I get in shape, one-hundred percent,” Manny explained. Way to stay humble, Pacman!

We can’t wait to see Manny and Floyd enter the ring on May 2 for the epic showdown!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you looking forward to the Manny vs. Floyd fight? What do you think about their massive pay checks? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox