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‘Zoolander 2’: Ben Stiller & Owen Wilson Film Smoldering Selfie Video

Wed, March 11, 2015 11:03am EDT by 2 Comments

They are really, really ridiculously good looking. ‘Vogue’ has just released an official video of ‘Zoolander 2’ stars and top supermodels Derek Zoolander and Hansel backstage at Paris Fashion Week, just before they hit one of the biggest runways in the world!

Zoolander 2 is happening, and Derek Zoolander (Ben Stiller) and Hansel (Owen Wilson) are ready to once again smolder their way to the top. In this backstage video from Paris Fashion Week, we see the two male models preparing to walk in the Valentino fashion show. But before they strut, editor in chief of Vogue, Anna Wintour, has to make sure they’re ready–and to snap a selfie of course. Watch it now!

‘Zoolander 2’: Backstage With Anna Wintour

If you get the runway blessing from Anna Wintour herself, you know you’re the best.

“Hi guys, you ready?” Anna asks in this backstage video from the most elite fashion event of the year, Paris Fashion Week.

“Totally,” Zoolander responds, as he poses for his selfie stick. Of course, Anna needs to see it for herself to make sure the male models won’t embarrass her.

“Let’s see the walk,” she says, wearing her signature jet-black sunglasses, natch.

“I’m gonna keep it simple today,” Zoolander says. “Usually, I go right left right left right left, but today I’m going to start left, in honor of how the sun rotates.”

‘It’s 2012, It’s Time For Something Different’

With this, Anna is pretty speechless, unsurprisingly. And it gets even more ridiculous from there!

“My people wanted me to start right, but I said ‘it’s 2012, it’s time for something different,'” Zoolander says. “They said, ‘it’s 2015’ and I said, ‘agree to disagree’ because it’s one of those things where you can never really tell. So…”

Anna chooses to move on. “Right,” she says. “How about you Hansel?”

“Environment,” he responds, incorrectly. “It’s the number one problem. And how do we reduce our footprint? Less walking. So today, I’m gonna hover– literally.”

Anna is her trademark unamused and excuses herself, but not before Zoolander and Hansel angle themselves in while Zoolander demands a “selfie stick selfie.”

Are you excited for the Zoolander sequel?

— Casey Mink