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Lindsay Lohan Stirs Outrage Over Tweeting N-Word At Kanye West

Wed, March 11, 2015 12:58pm EDT by Lauren Cox 13 Comments

Whoa! After seeing Kanye West perform in Paris, Lindsay Lohan used the n-word in an Instagram caption from the show. Now, her fans are totally outraged.

Lindsay Lohan, 28, has once again found herself in trouble after including the n-word in an Instagram caption on a photo of Kanye West, 36. Although she was quoting one of his songs, “All Day,” her use of the word was still highly inappropriate and she was quick to delete the caption. Unfortunately, it was too late — because the damage was already done.

Lindsay Lohan Uses N-Word On Kanye West Instagram


Thanks to social media, it’s very hard for a celebrity to make a mistake, or a poor decision, and have it go completely unnoticed. At least that’s what just happened to Lindsay, and now she is probably going to regret her decision for quite some time.

“#kanye&kimAlldayni–a$,” Lindsay captioned a photo of Kanye on stage in Paris, France, on Tuesday night, March 10. As soon as the photo and it’s caption were posted to Instagram and Twitter, Lindsay’s fans lashed out at her for so casually using the notoriously derogatory word so carelessly.

While it’s safe to assume that she was quoting Kanye’s song, “All Day,” it was still totally inappropriate. Lindsay’s Twitter and Instagram followers were quick to make sure she knew it, too.

It didn’t take long for Lindsay to delete the tweet, and then edit the caption on Instagram to read “#kanyeandkimAllday.” Unfortunately, it was too late — and even as this article is being written fans are still bashing her in her Instagram comments for her poor choice.

What Lindsay’s Followers Are Saying

Below you’ll find just a few of the recent comments Lindsay has received on the photo, even after she took the n-word out of her caption.

“I love you but pls [sic] don’t say the n word. Its [sic] such a problematic thing to do,” wrote her fan account, @supremelohan.

“[J]ust when I thought my girl couldn’t get any lower…,” wrote an upset fan, @sarahloiskelly.

“She deleted the N word so fast… Wow!!” wrote @stephdef.

“Girl… your caption you must be drunk Lilo,” wrote @serentaiii.

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you upset with Lindsay for her poor choice of wording? Comment below with your thoughts on this.

— Lauren Cox