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‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Alison Goes On Trial For Mona’s Murder

Tue, March 10, 2015 10:26pm EDT by Avery Thompson 6 Comments

Alison’s day in court arrived on the March 10 episode of ‘Pretty Little Liars,’ and it doesn’t look good for her.

The March 10 episode of Pretty Little Liars set the stakes high for the upcoming big “A” reveal. Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) trial began, Jason (Drew Van Acker) and Ashley’s (Laura Leighton) sexy tryst was exposed and whoever Varjak is realized that the Liars were hot on his trail.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: #FreeHanna

Alison’s trial date was right around the corner and everyone was on edge. There were those who thought she was innocent and those who thought she was guilty. Ultimately, it would be a jury who would decide her fate.

Hanna’s mom was going to go to the trial even though Hanna was still stuck in jail. If any other news was uncovered, Ashley wanted to hear it firsthand. Ashley firmly believed Alison was behind putting her daughter in jail, but Hanna knew she wasn’t. 

Meanwhile, Mrs. Hastings thought that Aria, Spencer and Emily should sit out of Alison’s trial. Um, what? Mrs. Hastings thought it would look bad if they were all there. Spencer wasn’t about her mom’s request, but Mrs. Hastings made her promise.

Those who weren’t in jail were primarily focused on getting Hanna out. Caleb had tried to trace the number that Emily found but came up on the short end of the stick.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: Confessions Of The Heart

Spencer knew she had some making up to do after realizing Alison didn’t kill Mona. She reached out to Jason and admitted to him that she knew Alison was innocent. She also apologized for trapping Alison the night she was arrested. For Jason, it was a little too late. It didn’t really matter what Spencer believed at this point, Alison was still going on trial.

Andrew and Aria were still hanging out, much to my displeasure. Hey, don’t judge me. I just prefer that precious piece of perfection that is Ezra Fitz. Anyways, Aria and Andrew got on the subject of Mona, and Andrew pretty much implied that the world was better of without her. Get out of here, Andrew. You’re drunk.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: A Few Good Girls

Hanna and Alison finally had the chance to chat a bit in the slammer. Apparently, Varjak’s number was real. She was looking to find her mother’s killer. Whoever was texting her from that number didn’t have any answers for her. Alison thought it was Mona who was teasing her because the texts stopped when Mona was killed.

It was time for Alison to get her day in court. Emily and Aria showed up but not Spencer (initially). The prosecution didn’t hold back in their case. They went right for the jugular and pulled the whole “Alison’s a mean girl” defense. The prosecutor said Mona had the power to destroy Alison’s life and that’s why she killed her.

A video of Mona’s murder was shown at the trial, and it was brutal. Jason took the stand, and the prosecutor asked him to point out Hanna’s mom. Oh no. I know where this is going. He brought of Ashley and Jason’s affair and implied that their relationship made him favorable to the defense.

The girls on the outside knew they had to do something for their girls on the inside. Spencer, Aria and Emily headed to Mona’s house to look for anything. The creepy song they’d heard earlier was coming from Mona’s room. They ran right up there and found her room in ruins. “A” had been there.

They found a note from “A,” but Aria realized it might be a trap. They decided to think like Mona. This could get interesting. Spencer picked up Mona’s mirror and looked underneath the glass. Ah ha! A super secret note read, “Chandelier’s rituals. Sister launched lair. A ruler’s list chained.”


And you know what’s even crazier? The fact that Andrew was watching the girls! Later, he cleared the air with Aria after his cruel Mona diss. He’s being super creepy now. He’s totally up to something.

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Recap: So. Many. Questions.

The DiLaurentis siblings were back on good terms. Jason visited Alison and told her that he believed her. I’m really starting to feel badly for Alison.

As Emily was closing up The Brew, she tried out Johnny’s nifty machine. She went through a few of the recorded whispers and then that creepy song started playing! Dun dun dun.

Elsewhere, a laboratory was testing the screwdriver found in Mona’s house. Randomly, the tool had “Boo Boo’s Ice Cream” engraved on it. “A” or whoever Varjak wiped away any and all trace of “Paul Varjak.” Geez. I have so many questions. Like, WHO IS VARJAK?!

HollywoodLifers, do you think Alison will be found guilty of Mona’s murder? Who is Varjak? Let me know!

— Avery Thompson