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Justin Bieber Roast: Selena Gomez Jokes Are A ‘Go’, Says Chris D’Elia

Tue, March 10, 2015 3:08pm EDT by Lauren Cox 23 Comments

Chris D’Elia, one of the roasters preparing to take on Justin Bieber for Comedy Central, has revealed EXCLUSIVELY to that he is planning to make quite a few Selena Gomez jokes!

Justin Bieber, 21, is in for a rude awakening when he takes the stage at his first-ever Comedy Central roast. His own pal, Undateable star Chris D’Elia, told in an EXCLUSIVE interview that he is definitely planning to bring up Justin’s tumultuous relationship with Selena Gomez, 22. Uh oh!

Justin Bieber’s Roast: Selena Gomez Jokes Are A ‘Go’

It’s the one thing everyone wants to know: will the roasters be able to pick on Justin’s relationship with Selena? Now, we finally have the answer!

“Oh, yeah!” comedian Chris D’Elia told when we asked whether or not he would bring up Selena at the roast during our EXCLUSIVE interview with him. “Yeah! I’m probably going to go there, I think I am going to go there!”

“I am going to go for it, that is what he really wants and Kevin Hart told me to really go for it so, you know, whatever,” Chris explained on the set of his hit comedy series, Undateable.

Wow. It sounds like nothing is off limits when it comes to this roast, which may leave Justin regretting his decision to be a willing roastee.

Justin’s Roasters Include Martha Stewart

Chris and Kevin aren’t the only two who will be taking hot shots at Justin all night though. Martha Stewart was also announced as a roaster for the evening, but we’re thinking maybe she’s just confused about what kind of “roast” she has to make.

Even Chris joked with that, “Yeah, I think [Martha] will die from this.” Poor Martha has no idea what she’s up against!

Tell us, HollywoodLifers — Are you surprised Selena jokes will be allowed at the Justin roast? Comment below with your thoughts!

— Lauren Cox, with reporting & interview by Russ Weakland