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‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’: 5 Reasons To Watch The New Series

Mon, March 9, 2015 12:12pm EDT by 2 Comments

The very anticipated ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ has just dropped, and it’s basically the only thing we can think about. Whether you’ve binged the whole thing, or are wondering if you should give it a chance, check out our five favorite things about the new series!

It’s almost too good to be true: a brand new Tina Fey series with every episode dropping on Netflix at once? Well, believe it or not, it’s real life and it’s now been a full three days since Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt debuted on Mar. 6. Now that we’ve had a chance to check it out, it’s clear the Ellie Kemper-starrer is strange and different and totally incredible. We’ve compiled our five favorite things about the new comedy, if for no other reason than to tide us over ’til we can continue to binge watch!

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’: A Review

Well, what are you waiting for? Watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, right now! Well, actually, read this list and then watch the whole thing. Here are our five favorite things about the new comedy:

5. The weirdness: Has there ever been a show that is this freakin’ weird? The premise alone, that Kimmy has escaped from an underground cult, is a bit of a head scratcher. And yet, the weirdness is not at all a turn off but totally compelling. Where else on television are cults depicted with the same hilarity as a drunken dance off?

4. The feminist power: Just like Liz Lemon, Kimmy is an inspiring lady hero whom we can all look to for some guidance. Despite facing unimaginable hardship, the iron-willed gal is determined to live an empowered life, and she won’t let adversity stand in her way. Now, that’s some serious girl power.

3. The New York-ness: Just like 30 Rock which preceded it, Kimmy is stuffed to the brim with New York-centric jokes and tons of scenes filmed on location. Gone are the Seinfeld days of setting your show in NYC but filming it in a Beverly Hills studio. On Kimmy Schmidt, if a scene takes place in Times Square, it will be filmed in Times Square– or as Kimmy would say, “Times Square: where New Yorkers shop!”

2. The cast: Perhaps most promising about the series is this holy moly cast. Along with the ridiculously adorable Ellie, the series stars former 30 Rock-er Jane Krakowski perfectly playing an elite Manhattan mother and Tituss Burgess as Kimmy’s opinionated but loving roommate, also named Tituss. Don’t worry, Tituss, you will totally get cast in The Lion King…someday.

1. The theme song: Usually, if a theme song is the best part of a show, it isn’t great news. However, that is not the case with Kimmy‘s instant ear worm theme song, which is actually a part of the first episode’s plot. In the style of the infamous “Hide Ya Kids” viral video, the anthem here comes from an onlooker who witnessed Kimmy’s rescuing and is interviewed about the events by a reporter. The song, written by Jeff Richmond (perhaps more commonly known as husband to Tina Fey), is a perfect ode to the viral world into which Kimmy reenters and the good-natured absurdity of the entire show.

Have you watched Kimmy Schmidt yet? What are your favorite things about the show?

— Casey Mink