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‘Long Island Medium’: Watch A Clip From The Emotional Premiere

Mon, March 9, 2015 9:25am EDT by Add first Comment

‘Long Island Medium’ is back! On the Mar. 8 premiere, Theresa put her signature senses to work and the results might make you cry!

So touching! When Long Island Medium returned to TLC on Mar. 8, Theresa Caputo paid a visit to a mother/daughter duo who had lost a loved one during the 9/11 attacks. Not only does Theresa totally nail the circumstances, she also gives them both the exact answers they were looking for. Watch the heart wrenching clip now!

‘Long Island Medium’ Premiere Clip

Okay, chills literally all over.

Long Island Medium is back, and just as insane and supernatural as ever. In this clip from the premiere episode, we see Theresa’s special abilities in action and we dare you not to tear up.

Chatting with a mother and daughter, Theresa first mentions a bracelet, and adds that the young man she sees showed her “an engraving of the bracelet.” At that revelation, the daughter first starts to get tearful.

“My dad,” she says, smiling, when Theresa asks who the engraving is for. Things only get more emotional from there.

“How do you connect with the number 14?” Theresa asks. Of course, her father’s birthday happened to be December 14. So crazy!



‘He Was Trying To Call Me’

The intensity only increased when Theresa started questioning the mother. “Your husband says, ‘you worried if I suffered,’ is that correct?” She nods, clearly resisting tears.

And then, the emotional kicker. “Did he pass in 9/11?” Theresa asks. The mother and daughter both nod their heads, and the daughter takes the words right out of our mouths. “Oh my God that’s crazy,” she says.

“My husband passed away 13 years ago on the attacks of 9/11,” the mother says. “He worked on the 104th floor of tower two.”

As it turns out, the mother had been on the phone with someone when her husband called from the tower. “We didn’t have call waiting and he was trying to call me,” she says.

And now we see why Theresa has come into this woman’s life. How incredible!

What do you think of the clip? Are you glad that Long Island Medium is back?

— Casey Mink